Want to know the most loved and talked about brands and games of E3? Drumroll uses groundbreaking event technology, “Brand Love Score” to tell you

I’m sure you’ve read many round ups on the biggest announcements to come out of E3 this year, but do you actually know what excited people the most?

I want to introduce you to exclusive results on the most loved games and brands to come out of E3 2017, aggregated by Drumroll and calculated using their groundbreaking proprietary data system “Brand Love Score.”

in 2017, Xbox came in as the most loved brand from the event, ESA Foundation came in at first place as the most loved brand, and Spider-Man was the winner of the most loved game from across the three day conference.


How did they do it? Drumroll’s “Brand Love Score” technology monitored what people said across Twitter about their favorite brands and games during the three day E3 event, then looked at the sentiment and impact of every tweet and assigned a value to each message. The values were then aggregated for each brand to produce their individual “Brand Love Score”, and in turn decipher and rank what was ‘most loved’ and ‘most talked about’ across brands and games.

Attached and below are some of Drumroll’s most interesting findings on brand love from the duration of the event.

The top 5 most loved brands at E3:

ESA Foundation
Harvest Moon
Danganronpa V3

The top 5 most loved games at E3:
Harvest Moon: Light of Hope
Danganronpa V3
Final Fantasy XV

The top 5 most talked about brands at E3:

Nvidia Geforce

The top 5 most talked about games at E3:
Call of Duty WWII
Star Wars Battlefront II
Assassin’s Creed Origins
Super Mario Odyssey

Drumroll concluded that people are passionate about this industry.
From tattoos to cos-play to waiting in line for hours, fans of E3 and gaming are some of the most passionate out there. Drumroll saw that reflected in our data with E3 receiving 300% higher tweet volume compared to SXSW, despite the much longer event duration of SXSW.

Drumroll saw that VR is taking a back seat.
Leading up to the event, there was a lot of talk about VR incorporation and which game developers would place a big emphasis on it. While there were a few subtle nods from PlayStation and smaller indie developers, most of the larger brands focused on their standard PC or console game experiences. For the purists, this was a welcome move, but those looking for a little more innovation out of developers will have to wait a little while longer.

Drumroll realized that PC gaming is coming out of the basement.
With the rise in popularity of eSports and competitive leagues, PC gaming has grown in popularity in recent years. Not only was it a trending topic this year, but more developers placed an emphasis on the PC gameplay experience and offered exclusive demos of popular games – once reserved for consoles – for PC gamers to enjoy.



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