War Mongrels Renegade Edition: An Intense Portrayal of the Eastern Front in World War II

Leading publisher Meridiem Games has recently unveiled the special boxed Renegade Edition of War Mongrels, now available exclusively for PlayStation 5. Developed and digitally distributed by Destructive Creations, War Mongrels offers a gripping isometric real-time tactics experience, delving into the lesser-known side of World War II through the eyes of a group of disillusioned deserters struggling to survive on the unforgiving Eastern Front.

The special boxed Renegade Edition, designed, manufactured, and distributed by Meridiem Games, presents a captivating package for players. Inside this edition, players will find a digital soundtrack of the game, an art book featuring detailed character biographies, all enclosed within a specially designed case adorned with exclusive artwork.

Immerse yourself in the harrowing campaign of War Mongrels and explore a little-known aspect of World War II. The game incorporates animated scenes that further expand the narrative, drawing inspiration from real accounts shared by survivors and war historians. Attention to detail is paramount, as the developers seek authenticity in every aspect of the game, from the intricate uniforms and regional terrain to the inclusion of newspaper articles, creating a comprehensive experience that resonates with history enthusiasts.

Developer Destructive Creations aims to shed light on the often-overlooked facets of World War II, offering players a glimpse into the untold stories that seldom find their way into history books. To ensure accuracy, every element of War Mongrels underwent careful scrutiny. Historical references were meticulously sourced from a wide range of reliable and verified sources, supported by historical consultants Michał Flont and Jack Cuccurullo, as well as receiving endorsements from independent historians worldwide.

War Mongrels seamlessly blends dynamic, tactical, adventure, and stealth elements, weaving them together within a dark and captivating narrative. Take control of the squad as they navigate through the perils of the Eastern Front, evading the relentless forces of the Third Reich. Each squad member possesses their own unique personality, background, and abilities, allowing players to strategize and utilize their strengths throughout the perilous journey.

Make use of the interactive environment to your advantage. Employ diversionary tactics such as whistling, playing music boxes, or throwing objects to distract and mislead enemies as you carefully traverse through enemy lines, guard barracks, prisoner blocks, concentration camps, and mass graves that stand as haunting reminders of the devastating toll of war.

Choose your approach carefully, whether it be through strategic flanking and the implementation of various character abilities, or opting for a more direct approach with the precision and intensity of twin-stick shooter controls. Time your attacks meticulously by pausing the action and issuing orders to each squad member, allowing for tactical assaults that catch the enemy off-guard.

Furthermore, War Mongrels also offers an online co-op mode, where players can join forces with a friend, further enhancing the gameplay experience and fostering a sense of camaraderie as you navigate the treacherous landscape together.

The special boxed Renegade Edition of War Mongrels is now available exclusively for PlayStation  5. Immerse yourself in the intense and thought-provoking world of the Eastern Front, as you experience the brutal trials faced by a group of fugitives in their quest for survival during World War II.

Platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X|S, Mac operating systems

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