Warframe Nidus Prime, Operation: Plague Star Event Live Today!

Warframe’s massive Nidus Prime event, much to players’ anticipation. Anyone can now unlock the 33rd Prime Warframe and play through Operation: Plague Star, a limited-time event that allows players to grab the infamous Ghoul Saw weapon, which features a multitude of aerial attacks, slide attacks, and heavy-hitting combos making it a weapon that Warframe players will not want to miss out on adding to their Arsenals

Warframe Players Can Instantly Unlock or Earn the Newest Prime Warframe and Gain Access to Rewards and Items, Including the Deadly Ghoulsaw and the Revenant Mephisto Collection.

Digital Extremes has unleashed its latest Warframe update for players, infecting all platforms with a slew of Infested fun through the premiere of Nidus Prime Access and the return of Operation: Plague Star. Warframe players can now instantly unlock or earn the 33rd Prime Warframe, the powered-up Prime variant of Warframe Nidus, his Prime Weapons, and exclusive Prime Customizations on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Nidus Prime Access Pack – $79.99 USD

  • 2625 Platinum
  • Nidus Prime
  • Nidus Prime Glyphs
  • Strun Prime
  • Magnus Prime

Prime Access Accessories Pack – $49.99 USD

  • 1365 Platinum
  • Nidus Prime Syandana
  • Necramech Universal Skin
  • Infested Landing Craft Decos
  • 90 Day Resource & Affinity Boosters

Also premiering today is the return of the popular Operation: Plague Star event, running for a limited time only through Thursday, September 30. During this limited event, players can rally together to defend the Plains of Eidolon on Earth, one of Warframe’s expansive open-world maps, against Infested lifeforms before they make their way to Cetus. Operation: Plague Star will feature a slew of anticipated player rewards, including the new Ghoulsaw — the cruelest of weapons built for the crudest of Grineer soldiers. Available only through participating in Operation: Plague Star, the Ghoulsaw features a multitude of aerial attacks, slide attacks, and heavy-hitting combos making it a weapon that Warframe players will not want to miss out on adding to their Arsenals. During this three-week event, players participating in Operation: Plague Star will also have the chance to receive Nidus Prime Relics in drops, adding an additional bonus path to earning Nidus Prime in Warframe.

The latest Warframe update also introduces the Revenant Mephisto Collection to the Warframe Market, a unique alternative skin for the Revenant Warframe, and brings some changes to Yareli’s movement ability, introducing a foundational change to Merulina Dashing and Stat changes to Yareli’s abilities across the board, including:

Sea Snares:

  • Increase seek speed by about 60% and slightly increase bubble visibility to better register casts


  • Increases range by about 25%
  • Increase damage and duration by 50%


  • Increase radius by 25%
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