Weekly News Round-up for 07/22/2019 through 07/26/2019

Welcome to GamingLyfe’s Weekly News Round-up. It sure is challenging to keep up with all the video game news that happens in the industry! With our Weekly News Round-up, you can expect several major news highlights that happened during the week. This week is a week of controversies — due to Grand Theft Auto Online’s gambling and Cyberpunk 2077’s religion in-game.

Please Note: The news provided in the Weekly News Round-up is a simple, quick snapshot of what the entire story consists of and contains the gist of the material provided.

Joy-Con Drift Fix

Nintendo was under fire due to a ton of players complaining about a “drifting” issue that was occurring with their Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers … which caused the controller’s analog to slowly input into a certain direction thus causing a character to move. There have been so many players who complained that a class action lawsuit was filed, and Nintendo customer service have been advised to assist with troubleshooting to fix the issue. If there is no solution, the customer service team will offer to fix the controller for free. For those who have already paid for the fix can get a refund even without warranty! For more detailed information, click the link here: (https://gaminglyfe.com/nintendo-will-fix-joy-con-drift-for-free/).

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 Religion

CD Projekt Red had to recently clarify about a mistranslation of an interview regarding how religions would be portrayed in their latest game, Cyberpunk 2077. The mistranslation suggested that CD Projekt Red would tackle any subject even if it would “offend the sensitivity of some,” but that’s not the entire case. The inaccurate translation came from a Polish news site and was clarified when IGN reached out to CD Projekt Red. The game developer explained that the game will be based on the real world, and religion is an important part. The game will see examples of Christianity and its different branches as well as religions from the East … so that means since religion is presented, there can be some controversy.


GTA Online Gambling

Grand Theft Auto Online’s latest update is the Diamond Casino and Resort which features gambling and all other kinds of casino goodies. That sounds like it’ll bring fun new gameplay, but the update is bringing a lot of controversy due to its online gambling nature. There was a list of around 50 countries (including China and Cuba) that have blocked the gambling feature. There are workarounds if players want to try gambling by using a VPN but there were some reports of the consequences of getting banned … if caught.

Doom Eternal


QuakeCon is a yearly convention to celebrate the major games of id Software. Fans from around the world can attend to get hands-on with the latest games as well as listen to panels from the game developers. This year was the year of DOOM so Quakecon became “DOOMcon” due to DOOM’s 25th anniversary as well as DOOM Eternal releasing this year. At the beginning of the Con, a keynote was issued where the company has released some new information on games. The keynote included a new update for Rage 2, some talk about the latest release of Wolfenstein Youngblood, a new battle-mode gameplay for DOOM Eternal, and the surprise release of DOOM 1 to 3 on the Nintendo Switch.

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