What is the hype about Quickspin Casinos?

Slot machines have always been the most popular casino game whether it be in a brick and mortar setting or online casino. A well know phrase “Spin to win” is used to describe the simplicity of playing slot machines. It is exactly this that makes the games so appealing to people from all over the world. Slots machines are also well known for having the most entertainment value of all the casino games. Most slots are themed and take you on a journey through the story as you play.

Who is Quickspin?

Quickspin AB was established in 2011 by a Swedish software developer but now resides under Playtech under a Malta Gaming Authority License. Joachim Timmermans, Mats Westerlund, and Daniel Lindberg gained vast experience from working for major companies like Unibet, EA Games, and NetEnt before creating Quickspin, one of the leaders in the online gaming industry today. They go by the slogan “We create the world’s most awesome video slots” which is fitting for their products. It is not a surprise Quickspin’s journey has been filled with success.

Unique story

All Quickspin’s slot games have a unique story of how they came to be. When we say high-quality gaming experience, we are not just speaking of the gambling aspect. Each slot game has a graphical experience that could rival triple-a video games along with a storyline to keep you entertained throughout your adventure. Excellent audio production tops off the experience making the slot games enjoyable to play for hours on end. Quickspin casinos have won countless awards because of their high-quality products over the years including the Rising star award and Game of the year.

High RTP

RTP is the expected percentage of bets that a slot game return to the player over a longer period. There are 2 ways to calculate RTP percentage by either simulation or theoretical methods depending on the game type. Simply put the higher RTP the better chance you will win a pot. Here is a list of the top payout percentages you can find at places like Rnp Casinos.

  1. Joker Strike – 98.11%
  2. Big Bad Wolf – 97.29%
  3. Rapunzel’s Tower – 97.09%
  4. Sinbad – 97.07%
  5. Treasure Island – 97.06%
  6. Mighty Arthur – 96.94%
  7. Genies Touch – 96.90%
  8. Goldilocks and the Wild Bears – 96.84%
  9. The Wild Chase – 96.77%
  10. Hidden Valley – 96.68%


High or low Volatility really breaks down to personal playstyle and bankroll. It’s a measurement of how fast you can swing from a big win to a big loss. If you don’t have a big bankroll you don’t want to play high volatile games. This due to the fact you will not be able to sustain a long session before your bankroll runs out unless you win big. Also, how you bet can influence the volatility of the game bet high win big bet low win low. It’s important you read information about the slot game you are playing directly from the developer’s website to define your gaming experience. Lucky Quickspin features a wide variety of slot games they include many scales of volatility that cater to almost everyone’s playstyle. All Quickspin’s slot games include descriptions and playstyle information on their website making it easy for players to find a game they enjoy.

In the end, all online casino games are based on RNG (Random Number Generators) software. Quickspin’s software guarantees a fixed return of player percentage and a fair gaming experience. Most importantly aside from winning, of course, you want to enjoy your experience. Head over to places like RNP Casino for the best possible chance to win along with a top-notch gaming experience. Good luck!

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