What should you watch out for when buying a used PS4?

The world of gaming is fast expanding. More than the fun, the economic prospects are looking more promising. Punters already making a fortune betting on their favorite sports teams on liontips.com are increasingly diversifying to betting on esports to complement their earnings.

PS4 has some of the best esports games around. But a new PS4 console costs a premium, admittedly. For context, a new PS4 console could cost you about $400. 

Now, here is where it gets interesting. If you take the route of purchasing a used PS4, you can save as much as $200. But there is even more; your used PS4 could even come with accessories and games.

That said, the risk of being fleeced when buying a used PS4 is substantial. The good news is that with due diligence and rigorous inspection, you can land yourself a fantastic deal buying a used PS4, saving yourself hundreds of your sweet dollars.

Now, what should you watch out for buying a used PS4? 

Is it working in the first place?

With online marketplaces fraught with frauds, it is not unusual to buy a used PS4 that is not even working. 

If there is no opportunity to physically inspect the PS4, ask the seller to send you verified pictures of the PS4 being on (with the lights on).

It is likely faulty if the unit is turned on and the lights don’t come on. Otherwise, the power supply has an issue.

Check your cables and controller

A functional PS4 needs double cables. This includes the power supply cable and the other one that plugs into your monitor (or TV set). Along with these cables, ensure the used PS4 you are buying comes with a controller.

Let us use this opportunity to emphasize the need to examine a used PS4 for cosmetic defects before buying. Yes, it is has been a while since PS4 came out (specifically in 2013), but a used PS4 console shouldn’t be a complete mess.

Watch out for blemishes and marks that could deteriorate your gaming experience with the PS4. Just investigating pictures wouldn’t suffice here. Get your hands and eyes on the console (in real life) and thoroughly check it. 

Is it banned from online play?

It is not uncommon to see people lament about their used PS4 acquisition being banned from online play. There is no denying that a significant chunk of your Esports’ experience would be lost if you can’t access online play.  

To prevent this misfortune, when buying a used PS4 console, ensure you connect it to the internet and log in to the seller’s PSN account. Alternatively, ask the vendor to log in to their PS4 account and record a video of them doing so for you. 

If the seller can’t log in, the chances are high that that PS4 console has been banned from online play.

Are the USB ports working?

Depending on the used PS4 model, it should have two or three ports. If you buy a used PS4 Pro, it should have three USB ports. It has double ports if it is PS4 Slim or the standard PS4 console.

Before paying, it is crucial to check if the ports are working. If you are not physically with the console, request a video showing the USB ports connected to a controller. 

Should a light doesn’t come on upon connection, the USB port is bad.

In all, if you have a pretty tight budget, getting a used PS4 would be the best way to go, provided you can spare time for due diligence. 

Used PS4 consoles are even more attractive given the possibility of these consoles coming with games. This saves you the cost of getting new ones.

Of course, with used games, you have to keep an eye on the DLC codes. And if later on you fancy selling the game, you can further pocket profits.



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