What To Expect From The FIFA 2023 Launch?

For all football fans, September is a special month just because traditionally, FIFA games are released during this period and the same goes for the upcoming FIFA 2023. This will be EA’s final ever entry to the franchise of FIFA, and as they say, it will be the best game that they’ve ever made before transitioning to EA Sports FC.

There are many new things coming to FIFA 23, and one thing is for sure, we will definitely see a FIFA World Cup series this year. This means that fans will have the opportunity to browse through the World Cup odds 2022 and simulate matches from the real World Cup in Qatar on FIFA 23.

But the World Cup isn’t the only change that comes with FIFA 23. In fact, there are many gameplay tweaks, new content, and tournaments to get excited for.

This inspired us to break down all the things that we know about FIFA 23 so far, hopping on the hype train before its release.

When Is the Release Date of FIFA 23?

Well, as we mentioned before, EA has always decided to drop the latest FIFA game in a very specific time period. If we take a look at previous FIFA game’s release dates, we can spot a pattern. The FIFA 20 came out on September 24, FIFA 21 was released on October 9, and FIFA 22 was released on October 1.

This means that the new FIFA 23 will be released during this period. In fact, EA announced that the official release date for FIFA 23 is scheduled for Friday, September 30, 2022.

New Features and Tournaments to Be Excited About

As with every new FIFA game, fans are expecting to see improved gameplay, mechanics, new tournaments, and more realistic visuals. Luckily, there is a lot to look forward to when it comes to FIFA 23 just because the new game promises plenty of action.


One of the new changes that are coming to FIFA 23 will be cross-play. The long-awaited feature is finally here and players will not be able to play against their friends on different platforms.

However, cross-play will only be available to 1v1 game modes, and the feature for allowing full cross-play is still in development and it won’t be coming out to this game.

Women’s Super League

Women in football are getting another boost and after years of stagnation, the women’s representation in FIFA decided to add Women’s Super leagues such as England’s Barclays Women’s Super League and France’s Division 1 Arkema.

This means that the new game will include 24 teams like Manchester United, PSG, Liverpool, Manchester City, and plenty more.

In terms of women’s career mode, we still didn’t get plenty of information about whether this game will finally come with the Women’s Career option.

World Cup 2022

On the same date when EA made the announcement that this will be their final FIFA game after transitioning to EA Sports FC, they also announced that the World Cup content is coming back to the game, and it is just in perfect time before the World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

FIFA 23 will come with two versions of the World Cup tournament, both male and female. However, even though EA officially announced the World Cup tournament for the upcoming game, we still don’t know whether it is going to be included in the original game, or whether it will come as an update later on.

Hypermotion 2 Technology

The FIFA 22 featured an incredible hypermotion technology designed to make the game more realistic, and with FIFA 23, EA announced that they upgraded this technology to Hypermotion 2, and it is now greater and more powerful than the one featured in the previous game.

This new technology promises greater attention to detail, as athletes will have more animations than ever before.

Will We See Online Career Mode?

There were a lot of rumors that we will see an online career mode for years now, but it seems like this idea has never materialized.

However, after the launch of FIFA 22, we spotted something in EA’s job listings, as they were looking for an Online Software Engineer that will be working on FIFA online career mode.

This might suggest that the online career mode will finally come to their latest game.

Final Words

These were some of the most interesting changes that we will see on FIFA 23. Additionally, the game received a bit of polish, introducing new graphics, weather systems, shooting mechanics, and much more.

It seems like EA went all in despite the fact that this game will mark an end to an era of football gaming where we all had a blast.

But who knows, maybe next year we will have two new football games upcoming, and the competitiveness will result in better game quality.

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