Which Cybersports Teams Are Most Popular in 2021?

While real on-ground sports tournaments have taken a beating in the pandemic situation in 2020 or 2021, virtual game competitions are continuing strong. Of course, fans have had esports tournaments to look forward to in different countries, but they are equally happy to see the competitions go on the virtual platforms. That is perhaps the strong point that virtual or cybersports have had to hold onto over the last few years.

If you are a cybersport betting fan, you are in luck. Many Canadian casinos that offer free spins on different gambling websites make it possible to bet on different cybersports and teams as well. Today there are a large number of professional gamers who are part of the professional eSports community. These competitions offer a large amount of prize money, and many virtual betting platforms participate as well. Hence, for the cybersports fans, they can watch as well as make money as they bet on their favorite teams.

Here is a rundown on the most popular cybersports and teams that are making waves in these tournaments:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

This is one of the trend-setting MOBAs that started in the initial days of esports and is still going strong. CS:GO was identified as a first-person shooter game that has over 13000 professional gamers participating in the events even today. Prize money goes into millions in these tournaments, a game whose first release was way back in 2012. In this classic game, there are different missions that the teams complete, such as bomb defusal, hostage rescue operations. There are many teams in this game that have fans worldwide. These comprise GMB eSports, Liquid, VP pro, Spirit, and others. It is easy to locate ongoing tournaments on different sports betting sites and support these teams. 

  • League of Legends

This game is of a multiplayer online battle genre. Currently, there are about 7000 and more players worldwide who participate in this game and associated events. Prize money is also considered in the 2000 and more tournaments that are organized in LOL. Riot Games is the producer who first released LOL in 2009. Here players employ real-time strategies that pit two teams to compete. Each team has five characters or champions who take up different roles. Indeed, many teams have gained fame worldwide due to the success of their players and how they have championed different roles in this cybersport. 

Today the players who participate in the games are highly paid professionals since LOL has elevated to number-2 status in the world of eSports. Top teams who have fans across the world in this game include Cloud9, Ninjas in Pyjamas, G2 Esports, and Team Liquid, among others. They are known to have followers across the world in millions. If you wish to make the most of the upcoming tournaments of this game in 2021, simply find a cybersports betting section at a casino of your choice. You can log in from the comfort of your home and place bets, and make the most of the online activities that you find.

  • Fortnite

This game, of the Battle Royale genre, ranks third in the number of professional gamers it has. Currently, Fortnite has about 4000 and more professional players and was initially released in 2017. Prize money nears a million in the 600 or more tournaments that it hosts across the years. In this game type, players focus on building structures and using different resources. A maximum of 100 players participate in a single game, and a single survivor is a winner. Teams popular in this esports are Astra Gaming, Gamma Gaming, NRG Esports NA, and Faze Clan. 

  • Dota 2

This is another of the forerunners in eSports tournaments. Though its popularity is on the decline these days, it still commands a large following in the virtual gaming community. It is of the MOBA genre and has about 3000 professionals who game in it. There are about 1400 and more tournaments that are still held today, and each offers good prize money as well. There are many teams in this game that have a considerable fan following, such as PSG LGD, Vici Gaming, Virtus Pro, Evil Geniuses, Invictus Gaming, Thunder Predator, Team Nigma, and others. 

Betting Trends on Cybersports

With cybersports popularity on the rise, many fans opt to use the legal betting platform of casino sites. They can place bets using the legitimate, secure platform of many sports betting casino sites. It also gives them access to bonuses, cashback offers, and other promos, which make it exciting and engaging to bet on these virtual e-games. Many websites also offer live streaming of the gaming events, post live updates, as well as analyses, recommendations, and reviews of experts to aid such betting activities.

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