Why does gaming attract more interest in 2022 than ever before?

Video games are one of the longest-standing entertainment industry sectors, helping to engage several generations over time. The sector has since grown beyond the primary models of limited sound libraries, pixelated animations, and bulky contraptions with many wires.

With technological advancements, video games couldn’t be more digital. Now, one doesn’t even need a console to play games. You could play them on mobile or via cloud gaming. And this goes for the other parts of the industry, particularly Igaming, which has found a bigger, better market since going digital. Just as we went from visiting arcades to playing games at home on consoles, PC, or mobile, casinos also moved online. Now users can play online slots in NJ for instance, or anywhere else for that matter, without even being in the state. And even if they were in the state, they don’t have to walk into a physical casino.

It’s all so interesting how far we have come in the past decades, which has driven up interest in gaming now more than at any other point in history. Here are a few pointers as to why that’s the case:

Immersive Technology

As far as immersive experiences go, video games are leaps and bounds ahead of other entertainment sectors. Throw in virtual reality into the mix, and you have an even more sophisticated system of consuming media. We’ve seen further technological advancements over the years, including gesture controls, voice commands, touchscreens, among others. These new ways of playing games are a sufficient pull for many people.


Video games allow you to be just about anything, whether you want to be on the front lines, a pilot, or a superhero. If you can think of it, there just might be a game for it. This feature makes it entertaining for all tastes.

We’ve gone from playing pixelated yellow heads running away from ghosts to games so complex they have plot lines and character arcs like movies. Now, every choice you make isn’t just another move registered into the code. Instead, you get unique consequences unlike that of other players.

Involvement of Tech Companies

Remember when games were made by only gaming brands like Nintendo and Sony? Not any more. Tech companies have entered the fray to make gaming just as easy and fluid as streaming. This entrance is a huge lure for many tech enthusiasts and businesses trying to leverage potential opportunities in the sector.

Broader Demographic

One of the more interesting things about the current gaming industry is the diversified demographic it commands and continues to attract. Games cater to just about every interest, genre, sub-genres, and field. Add high-quality graphics and an immersive experience, and games are way better than they used to be and more inclusive than ever.


About 27 years ago, people pondered if video games could ever be as good as the first Toy Story from Pixar. It’s 2022, and video games have more than blown the film industry out of the water. Matter-of-factly, video games are responsible for the software that many movies use for their visual effects: the Unreal Engine by Epic Games. This growth has enabled video games to recruit actors for motion capture and voice acting. The music library in video games is also a far cry from the 8-bit tones we had to put up with.

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