Why Twitch Still Dominates Live Game Streaming In 2022

In just a few short years, Twitch has become the leading live streaming video platform for gamers around the world. There are many reasons for Twitch’s dominance in the game streaming space. We will try to unpack the reasons why Twitch still reigns supreme even after several attempts to unseat it by technology giants such as Youtube, Facebook, and even Microsoft with their failed Mixer platform.

Twitch Created The Industry

It’s no secret that Twitch is the first gamer-centric streaming platform. Other major video platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Microsoft just can’t seem to catch up with Twitch’s gaming numbers. 

What started as a small video streaming platform named Justin.tv, evolved into something unique and cool for the younger generation of gamers to call home. There’s value in being the “O.G.”, especially for the youth of today. History still matters for most people after all.

Solid product branding isn’t something that is easily overcome, and even if Youtube and Facebook have the overall user base numbers on their side, there’s no denying that when it comes to gaming-related pursuits, gamers will think of Twitch first before any other platform.

  • Esports Tournaments

Twitch broadcasts several of the biggest esports competitions, including the League of Legends World Championship, Hearthstone Championship Tour, and more. It’s such a big deal that Amazon bought Twitch in 2014 for nearly $1 billion. When you think of Esports tournaments, you always think of Twitch first before other platforms.

  • Gaming Content

Twitch streams cover ALL types of gaming-related content. It could be anything from PC, Console, Mobile, Tabletop, Toys, and Card Games. Just like poggers.com, an online video game merchant which you can check out here.

  • Non-Gaming Content

Twitch Creative is a place where you can find original content, such as music, art, and comedy, or explore curated collections of popular content. 

Since most Twitch personalities are artists, this might give them additional avenues to showcase other artistic pursuits which their fans can enjoy. It also gives way to more diverse forms of gaming-related streams like podcasts etc.

  • Several Creative Monetization Options For Streamers

One of the primary reasons for Twitch’s popularity is its ability to generate revenue for live streaming. Here are several options available:

  • Monthly Subscriptions

For a monthly fee, special privileges are given to subscribers that aren’t available to regular viewers like access to cheermotes and specialized emoticons that set users apart from the rest.

  • Amazon Affiliate Program

Streamers can recommend channel-related product links from Amazon directly without any sort of requirements. It’s a quicker way to get the monetization going compared to other platforms.

  • Local Ad Placements

Just like any other platform, ad placements are also allowed on Twitch as long as it doesn’t interrupt the live stream too much.

  • External Ad Platforms

One can go link up to external ad companies by linking your Twitch account through an API.  Examples of these companies are Streamloot and Streamion.

  • Bits

Think of bits as a sort of virtual currency in the Twitch Ecosystem. Enabling this will allow easier ways of rewarding or gifting streamers or other viewers. It can also be used to purchase extra features within certain channels.

  • Twitch Affiliate Program

Minimum total of 8 hours in 7 days per month, with 50 followers and 3 viewers minimum.

  • Twitch Partner Program

Stream a minimum total of 25 hours in a month for 12 days total. You also must have a minimum of 75  viewers per stream. If this is met then you can apply for better perks but it will be subject for review. It is tougher to get into but the rewards will be worth it.

  • Sponsorships

Brands and Companies can give you sponsorship deals once your viewership is big enough to garner their interest. There will be some guidelines on how you make endorsements because Twitch needs to guarantee that it would not hold back the quality of the broadcast.

Twitch Live Streaming Is Highly Interactive And Addictive

Every streamer has their backstory and personality because Twitch has so many tools available to customize their channels making real diverse communities and a genuine experience for fans. Customizations  

  • Twitch Live Streaming Is Free

Twitch offers users a variety of content to enjoy. From live streams of your favorite games to pre-recorded gameplay footage, there’s something for everyone on Twitch. Plus, with no subscription required, you can access all of this content without spending a dime. People who want extra features and customizations will have to pay for them which is perfectly fair.

  • Entertaining

It’s a place where people can watch and interact with other people who are streaming and it’s a great way to get entertainment because you can watch people play games, talk, and even interact with them. You can also stream your gameplay if you want to show others what you’ve been up to. Overall, Twitch feels like a good hang IRL.

  • Twitch Chat

The platform is widely known for its chat, which is a text-based chat room where users can talk to each other while they are streaming. The chat is not limited to just text, either. Twitch users can also use emoticons, animated emoticons, and even drawing tools. These emoticons are copyrighted for Twitch exclusively so it gives the feeling of exclusivity and community even more.

  • Community

Almost 150 million gamers gather every month on Twitch to broadcast, watch and chat about gaming. Twitch’s video platform serves as the premiere online video game community for individual game streamers and Esports tournaments alike. Their services are geared towards building gaming communities and fans of skilled or entertaining gamers. 

The market decides what it likes and it serves as a meritocracy. Even some previously popular games can suddenly get a lukewarm reception from their fans. The once popular franchise Halo, despite being a fan favorite, had some very disappointing view numbers with their Twitch streams of Halo: Infinite.

  • Skills Development

It is similar to watching TV or movies, but with the added feature of being able to interact with the streamer. The streamer can be a player, a broadcaster, or a viewer. Twitch has a huge amount of viewers who watch streams 24/7 and create their channels to showcase their skills or give other people a chance to improve theirs.

Amazon Partnership

Twitch has been growing rapidly in the past few years. In 2022, it had a total of 140 million monthly unique visitors and 30 million daily active users. Twitch having access to Amazon’s servers, resources, and potential users also mutually benefit Amazon which gets direct access to Twitch’s hardcore gaming audience. Here are some of the key factors why this acquisition works for both parties:

  • Prime Access

Twitch Prime is a subscription service that gives you free games, in-game loot, and other benefits. For example, if you’ve subscribed to Twitch Prime, you’ll receive a free copy of “Battlefield 1” every time you sign in. If you subscribe to Twitch Prime, you can get a free Amazon Echo Dot when you sign up for an Amazon Prime account. 

Linking both accounts even opens up more opportunities for both Twitch and Amazon as it allows for a cross-platform delivery of services.

  • Bandwidth

Amazon.com, Inc. has been expanding its business and is now offering its customers a new way to stream their favorite video games and other content on the internet. The company is partnering with Twitch, an online video platform for gamers, to help the latter expand its service. The move is expected to boost the popularity of Twitch as it will be able to provide better bandwidth to its users.

  • Growth

Amazon and Twitch are a match made in heaven. The two companies are in the business of selling products and services to people. Twitch is a platform for streaming video games, while Amazon is a marketplace for selling digital and physical goods. Both companies have used their platforms to build communities. From a marketing standpoint, this partnership could help both companies expand their user base.

  • Non-Political

The gaming website Twitch, which is owned by Amazon, has become a popular platform for streaming live videos of people playing games. The site has had its fair share of controversy and political statements made by users. However, the company has stressed that they are not a political organization and will not be taking any political stances. Hardcore gaming fans despise political banter to a fault anyway.

Final Thoughts

Twitch dominance in the game streaming arena has been challenged a couple of times now but it seems it will remain the number one gaming streaming platform for years to come. Amazon buying Twitch secured their future growth in terms of user base and bandwidth scaling.

A lot have tried to take their shot at overthrowing Twitch from its position. Huge companies such as Facebook, Mixer, and Youtube have tried and failed. That window has long closed with Amazon buying Twitch and bringing along its massive Amazon Prime Subscribers with it.


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