Will Deadmau5 be the Game of the Year?

Deadmau5 is the latest online casino slot game released by gaming giants Microgaming, working with Joel Thomas Zimmerman, who is the Canadian DJ behind the new casino game. The online slot was made in honor of the Canadian electronic music DJ and producer who goes by the same name as the slot. For the electro fans and those who just love good music and good slot games, this slot game manages to tick all the right boxes and definitely deserves the title for slot game of the year. However, what about the general public who have no idea who deadmau5 is and simply love to play online casino games? Does this slot deserve the recognition and the honor to be called the slot game of the year?

What Characteristics Makes Up The Slot Game Of The Year?

Before we rush to make a judgment, we need to be clear on the traits that make up not only a good slot game but also a great slot game. These are some traits that will then be able to prove beyond doubt if Deadmau5 can be called the slot game of the year or otherwise.

When looking for a slot to be called the game of the year, there are four main characteristics of the game that you have to consider, and these are:

  • Graphics and Theme
  • Number of Lines
  • Bonus and Game Features
  • Eye-Catching Payouts.

Now that we know how to look for the slot game of the year, we shall simply do a quick-through overview of deadmau5 slot game. We will look at all the four traits that we’ve mentioned above, as well as how the slot manages to tick all the boxes of the traits as well.

Deadmau5 Slot Game Review

·       Graphics and Theme

Back in the day, a good slot machine simply had to have three reels and had to be able to function properly. However, these days, there is more that is required from an online slot. When we look at the graphics and the theme of an online slot, we look at the fact that gamblers want to be treated to a new theme and innovative gameplay.

In the theme of this online slot, players will be able to see an abstract background with pretty red lights and the background, as if you have just visited the music hall or the club where the DJ is playing. As for the reels, players are treated to a mix between the low-paying symbols, which have neon style outlines, and the high paying symbols that have five gorgeous ladies dancing to Deamau5 music.

As for the graphics, you will be treated to 3D graphics that we can guarantee will be able to transport you to the world of techno and electro music.

·       Number of Lines

Now, we look at the number of paylines that the slot has. Good slot games these days have more than 25 paylines and great ones range from 243 paylines and above. This is done so that the slot game is able to offer the player more chances of walking away with mega real money rewards. Through the number of the paylines in the game, you will need to find the perfect balance between the opportunities to win per spin, and the number of lines to choose from.

Deadmau5 also excels in this area as they give their players a whopping 243 different paylines, 5 reels, and 3 rows.

·       Bonus and Game Features

Players will always go for a game that manages to offer them the most chances of walking away with real money as they play the game. That is why one of the things that we consider when we look for the slot game of the year is the bonuses and features of the game.

Deadmau5 slot gives players the following features:

  • Rolling Reels- land a winning combination by getting three or more matching symbols on the reels from reel one, then the symbols are removed and replaced with new symbols. As long as you keep winning, the rolling reels will keep coming.
  • Drop the Wild – getting the wild on reel 3 randomly activates this feature that will be able to turn the whole of reel 2, 3, and 4 wild.
  • Free Spins- get 3 scatter to claim 15 free spins, 4 will give you 20 and 5 lands you 25. Landing successive rolling during the free spins can activate a multiplier of up to 10x.

·       Eye-Catching Payouts

Deadmau5 is not a progressive, but it is still a rewarding game that will give players a jackpot of up to 2 100x their bet size. The slot also comes with a 95.22% RTP rate. The hit frequency of the game is at 31.52%, which then generally means that you can win on your third spin of the game. As for the volatility, it is high.

Can Deadmau5 Be The Game Of The Year?

The game manages to tick all the right boxes and it is very interesting to play.  We give it a 4/5 rating because we think the RTP could be better. As for the status of the game, it stands a pretty good chance at getting it.

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