Will Sweden force CSGO to move the Major from Stockholm

In an official statement, PGL announced that it is negotiating with two (undisclosed) European countries as alternatives for the next CS:GO Major. So far, the championship is still scheduled to take place at the Avicii Arena, in Stockholm, Sweden, but the restrictions of the pandemic may prevent it from being held there.

As one of the most famous eSports games, many players are looking forward to watching and betting on the championships. However, with teams in the dark of whether the tournament will happen in Sweden, Stockholm it also affects the odds of the games, as the home teams would have a leg up. We know that the Major will happen and that people in Sweden are taking a fight towards making the tournament stay in Sweden. You can prepare by visiting OLBG.com where you will find the best sites to bet on the PGL Major. 

The CSGO Championship

Sweden’s current restrictions only allow 300 spectators inside the Avicii Arena, but these restrictions may be lifted after September 15th, 2021 depending on the development of the Covid-19 pandemic.

PGL claims that, like any other event it has hosted, the Major has a Plan B to go. The company is in contact with two other European countries, which have promised better conditions for the audience, allowing a high level of vaccinated fans to attend the event.

Still, the PGL says it prefers to hold the event in Sweden, the “home of Counter-Strike”, as the statement says. Finally, the organizer promised more updates soon.

“Nothing new, we can pull the competition out of Sweden at any time. We remain hopeful that we will receive the approval we asked for in order to receive players, but there is no indication that this will or will not happen,” said the CEO of PGL.

Without the approval of special visas, players from teams classified for Major can disembark. The trend is that a new venue for the tournament will be announced soon since the same criteria used to bar the International from being held in Sweden should also apply in the CSGO World Cup case.

Still, the Swedish Electronic Sports Association published a statement calling on the Swedish government for the Major to be held in Stockholm. It is worth noting that the country is one of the greatest powers in the history of the competitive Counter-Strike, with lineups of world champions in both classic CS and CS:GO, with emphasis mainly on Fnatic and Ninjas in Pyjamas.

“This would contribute to a reputation in organizing major international eSports tournaments in Sweden. With this letter, we want to appeal to the ministers, ministries and responsible committees to follow up on the promises made and implement the necessary changes for eSports events to be held in Sweden “, he pointed out.

Remember that The International of Dota 2 was also scheduled to take place in Stockholm, back in August, but had to be relocated to Bucharest. Local authorities did not recognize the tournament as an elite sporting event, making it infeasible.

The International 2021 leaves Sweden and will be in Bucharest

The International 2021, Dota 2 Major Championship, has changed location and will now take place in Bucharest, Romania. The tournament, previously scheduled for Sweden, had to be relocated after local authorities did not recognize it as an elite sports competition, which meant that players and those who needed to travel to the country were not guaranteed visas due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Now in the new location, all participants will travel and participate in the championship, which starts on October 7th.

At the end of June, Valve had already informed that it was studying a new location for holding The International, after talking with Swedish authorities, including the country’s Ministry of Interior, and receiving a negative response about the authorization. The company was still trying this release but chose to announce the new headquarters.

In Bucharest, TI 2021 will take place inside the National Arena, a stadium built in 2011 with more than 55,000 people. The stadium is public and belongs to the city hall but usually hosts the games of Steaua Bucharest and the Romanian national team. The arena also hosted three Group C matches of the 2021 Euro Cup.

The championship will have the group stage played from October 7th to 10th, with the playoffs starting on the 12th. The final, in turn, put the two best teams in the world ahead in search of the leading Dota 2 title of the world on the 17th, a Sunday. The total prize pool for the competition will be around 40 million dollars, or 209 million reais at the current price.

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