Winter is Coming With Elsword’s Newest Region, Pruinaum

KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action MMORPG Elsword, is putting the Summer season on ice as the El Search Party ventures into the coolest region to-date, Pruinaum. The region arrives on August 12th and will feature a wide range of events for all players.

The Pruinaum Region has players dive into a new and mysterious world as they explore the lands where one of the four Demon Lords, the White-Ghost King, lies dormant.

The new region begins by introducing the two newest dungeons, Glacial Land and the Old Village Site. But if you get cold-feet, you can still gain a taste of the new region’s power with the “Taste of Pruinaum!” event that gives your character temporary access to all the rewards for the new dungeons.

The frozen wasteland is also home to the brand new Weapon Imprint System (a system that uses magical rocks called Imprint Stones, only found in Pruinaum) to empower your weapon even further. This system will allow players to create their own custom effects that can be applied to their weapons – including everything from “What activates the Effect” to “What Buffs does the effect give”.

Even if you’re new to Elsword, the Pruinaum Update comes with a myriad of events to set up your character for success! Login during August 12th to September 8th to claim your Pruinaum All-in-One Support Packages each week. Each Support Package includes many useful items to get your character setup for success including Accessories, Pets and some of the best Titles in the game like “Survival of the Cold” that grants high amounts of attack power.

Finally, login during the Weekends to claim additional rewards to advance your character further with each weekend giving different rewards from the Apocalypse Type-Void Weapon Cube and Elrianode Armor (which are considered one of the strongest equipment sets in the game) to Philosopher Scrolls to level up your character.

The frosty lands of Pruinaum and all the Release Celebration Events begin today and lasts all the way until September 8th. So login now to try out the New Region of Pruinaum and all the events to power up your character further.

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