Winter Survival Simulator demo available during Steam Games Festival

As Steam Games Festival begins tomorrow, players will be able to test their survival skills in harsh conditions in an hour-long demo of Winter Survival Simulator.

DRAGO entertainment’s new survival game tests players’ skills against rough, freezing conditions in a struggle for their life. A hiking trip into the Mt. Washington area ends in disaster leaving the player stranded fighting to survive.

Hell has frozen around Mt. Washington. The peak is surrounded by a very peculiar microclimate, where alpine conditions blend with tundra near the summit. However, lower parts of the mountain feel more subarctic, due to high humidity. Winds are ever present, reaching blistering speeds of up to 231 mph (372 kmh). The temperature barely ever goes over negative 18℃ (0℉), with a record low of minus 46℃ (-50℉). While the environment is brutal most of the time, there are areas and occasional good weather conditions turning the snowy hell into truly beautiful sights.

DRAGO entertainment invited Marek Kamiński to work on the game. He is a Polish extreme traveler and the first man in history to reach both poles without any external help. Marek Kamiński’s expertise guarantees that players will experience a realistic approach to survival in deadly cold conditions.

Weather is not the only enemy that gamers will be facing. Mt. Washington’s wildlife considers the struggling player as easy prey. Bears and wolves are the predators best to be avoided. In order to recognize their hunting grounds, players will need to learn to read their trails and avoid dangerous areas. Each step must be planned ahead if you want to reach a safehouse in one piece and call for help.

Main features:

  • New take on sanity – keep your mind as healthy as your body,
  • Immersive, fluid weather system with various stages,
  • Construct, maintain and upgrade your shelter,
  • Create a variety of traps for all kinds of prey,
  • Track, outsmart and hunt animals in order to survive,
  • Test your creativity in preparing nourishing meals.
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