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It’s been a couple of weeks since the expansions were released, so it’s a good time to take a step back and take a look at what’s going on with the meta. You know so that you can get those Trials of Osiris rewards this weekend. A lot of players have been discussing what might be considered meta these days. So, why not just compile all the facts that the community has gathered. There are a number of online sources that track the data such as the percentage of usage of weapons. Since D2’s API is public, this is completely possible and legal. So, anyone who is able to analyze raw data can get a pretty good idea about what’s popular these days in the game based on the information provided by such resources.

A good point to start would be setting the filter to Quickplay PvP. This is the game mode where the majority of players who play PvP go to. The number 1 gun you will see there doesn’t specifically mean that it’s the best one in the game. Neither does it mean that you’re guaranteed to get the Trials drops this week with it. This just shows the number of players using this weapon. It also might tie into what players are currently pursuing in terms of the new loot of the recent expansion.

The Real “Meta” Hasn’t Changed in a While!

If we go slightly off the current topic here then it should be stated that a far more effective way of getting better at something is not how meta the gear you have, it’s who you play with. In this regard, the fastest way to get flawless is through the Trials of Osiris carry services. But anyway, let’s get back to the topic at hand.

The reason they are so many conversations is that people are just trying the new stuff right now. Surely, you’ll find the Gjallarhorn Destiny there. Don’t be surprised, as this is one if not the most consistently great gun in the game. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of world drop loot in the top positions of the data trackers in terms of usage. Then, why did we say it was a good starting point? Because it would be easier to look through any sort of data when you have an understanding of what’s going on with the game and the community. As such, right now the community is just trying out the new stuff. The same notion will be displayed in any trials tracker Destiny.

But then how do you determine what is actually good and what the long-term veterans of the mode are using? To do that you should be looking at hand cannons and shotguns. No Destiny 2 trials armor is still able to protect you against these two weapon classes. No matter how many nerfs the hand cannons had, they’re still the best in PvP. That’s why you’ll see them right there next to the new weapons that got recently added into the game. Then if you look at the percentage of kills with weapons of those particular classes, you’ll see that it’s actually higher than the kill stat of newer weapons. So, maybe it’s not as often equipped, it brings players more frags. That’s how you know the gun is actually better. Remember that you can look it all up on any trials tracker Destiny 2 out there.

Are Annoying Weapons Actually That Strong?

Without even giving you the names of exact weapons, you’ll always know that:

  1. Shotguns – one-shot kills at a certain (close) distance
  2. Hand Cannons – one or two-shot kills just like with Sniper Rifles but HCs have a greater field of view when aiming down sights.

That’s why they’ll always dominate the charts for Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris and other modes. Another weapon class that you will start seeing being used more is the Pulse Rifles. A lot of players are complaining about being killed by Fusion Rifles. But statistically, they’re not the most used guns. Plus they don’t bring as many frags to their users as the types of weapons we’ve covered earlier. If you are being killed by someone using an “unconventional” weapon class, it’s likely because they’ve been taking advantage of Destiny 2 Trial carry. These services really do make people play better with their favorite loadouts.

Now, what will happen if you switch the filter to the Competitive PvP? In there you’ll see a lot of similar things. When winning matters, people will use the same kinds of weapons they use in the Quickplay. You might see an exception to the rule – a sniper rifle or sometimes a Fusion rifle. However, their numbers are few and between when compared to shotguns. They are just means to get the Trials weapon this week, the one that’s on rotation at a current time. The fusion rifle kills are focused on 1 or 2 particularly good weapons in its class, whereas the shogun kills are evenly spread among many guns of this class. This is just because this class is hands-down better. Even if the Trials weapons this week doesn’t include one of these classes, it essentially changes nothing.

Make Your Own Meta

That’s when it comes to the highest tier of guns, the most useful ones. If you go down a tier, you’ll start seeing all kinds of guns. The crafting system allows players to create really interesting guns and test them out in The Trials of Osiris. So much so that you will see some of them in the data trackers.

In conclusion, whenever you hear people say something like “it’s the Fusion Rifles meta”, they’re not exactly correct. This class of guns is surely strong and they’re very annoying to be killed by. But in terms of the damage, it’s dealing compared to other classes, it cannot be called a part of the Meta. Lastly, if you do wish to improve your skill at playing with any class of weapons that you like, you should use Lfcarry services and play with the PROs! You won’t regret it!

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