Wolf3D’s Ready Player Me Platform Partners with RTFKT

Wolf3D’s Ready Player Me partnership with RTFKT allows users to customize their avatars, further immersing themselves within the metaverse

Avatar platform Ready Player Me is partnering with a digital fashion house and metaverse fashion leader RTFKT to bring bespoke digital collectible customization accessories to the metaverse. The platform will be offering items worth $100,000 to all Ready Player Me users for a limited period, completely free of charge.

The brand new custom avatar creation hub recently launched by Ready Player Me allows users to travel between video games, virtual reality experiences, and other apps using a single virtual identity. The hub is available to all and connects users to more than 300 apps and games currently integrated with the platform.

Ready Player Me, currently growing at a rate of 40% month over month, is partnering with RTFKT to bring tailored customization assets based on the virtual fashion house’s most sought-after items including the Meta Jacket, Cyber Sneakers, and Fewo Shoes. The assets are free to all Ready Player Me users for a limited time starting today.

Timmu Tõke, CEO at Ready Player Me commented: “We are delighted to be able to partner with a brand held in such high regard as RTKFT, a respected metaverse brand with whom we share a very strong vision and synergy.”

Benoit Pagotto, Co-Founder of RTFKT is equally excited about the partnership, saying: “Wearing RTFKT in the Metaverse is an immediate status symbol. We want RTFKT to be present in as many worlds as possible, so partnering with Ready Player Me and allowing our collectors and fans to wear RTFKT across so many platforms and ecosystems was an easy decision for us.”

Ready Player Me’s latest partnership with RTFKT will enable the brand’s digital assets to become usable in the metaverse. Until now, these could be shown off by users who own them, but will now feature full utility, and will be able to travel with users’ avatars across hundreds of virtual worlds. With the arrival of portable avatars come portable virtual assets, which are key to the success of bringing the metaverse to life. Ready Player Me’s network enables cross-game digital assets and economies to exist, which has not been possible until today.

Users will be able to create and utilize full-body custom Ready Player Me avatars using RTFKT assets in conjunction with supported apps, including LIV.tv, Animaze by FaceRig, Somnium Space, and many more. Any avatars subsequently created will become more easily shareable via social media platforms.

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