Wolfenstein: Youngblood’s Latest Patches Bring Community’s Most Desired Fixes

Just four weeks ago, Jess and Soph Blazkowicz burst onto the Nazi slaying scene in Wolfenstein: Youngblood, a brand-new, co-op focused game in the long-running Wolfenstein series.

MachineGames and Arkane Studios Lyon recently released patch 1.0.4 to PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, bringing the ability to pause gameplay in offline mode, among other changes. Full patch notes are available. Patch 1.0.4 will be available on Switch as a combined patch with Patch 1.0.5 in the coming weeks.

The game’s next update, Patch 1.0.5 dropped today on PC and introduced an even larger number of player-requested features. Chief among those updates is the addition of checkpoints to Towers and end bosses, adding a toggle to remove enemy health bar visuals for a more classic Wolfenstein experience, and improvements to the sister AI that allow her to retreat more often when taking damage from large enemies. Here are some of the other key updates coming with 1.0.5:

  • Adjusting difficulty of all boss fights
  • Taking a variety of actions designed to reduce the feeling of enemy “bullet sponginess”
  • Granting ammo for basic weapons after player respawn
  • Adding more special weapon ammo throughout more difficult areas
  • Adding duplicate tutorial laptops to the game to make 100% completion more attainable
  • Fixing an issue that could cause an area to respawn enemies prematurely

Patch 1.0.5 will arrive on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 next week with the Switch patch coming in the following weeks. Check out the Update 1.0.5 Patch Notes and learn more about what improvements players can expect to see in Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

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