World of Tanks PC Celebrates One Year on Steam

Get the Cromwell B Tank and Loads of Other Goodies for Free in World of Tanks on Steam.

The legendary free-to-play tank shooter is celebrating its 1st birthday party on the platform – join in the fun!

World of Tanks has been live on Steam for one whole year already and that means it’s time for a party! From May 13th through May 23rd, 2022 Steam players can participate in the Anniversary Giveaway, enjoy exciting in-game activities, and get the iconic British Tier VI tank Cromwell B as part of the free ‘Lightweight Fighter Pack’ DLC (worth 18.99 USD).

In World of Tanks on Steam, players can master five different vehicle types with 11 different nations and over 600 vehicles, explore unique maps based on fields and cities from all across the world and perfect their skills in different game modes that will challenge their teamwork or individual tactics.

Obviously, it’s not a birthday party without presents and that is why Wargaming has decided that everyone who joins in the festivities on Steam will have their own gift to unwrap: the Tier VI British Cromwell B tank. That means all budding commanders will get an enjoyable battle-ready vehicle as a part of a DLC bundle worth 18.99 USD for free! But what makes it such a joy to play?

The famous British Cromwell tank is super fun because of its decent speed, mobility and rapid reload time. Tankers can outmaneuver or flank their enemies and go help teammates or just spot from one side of a map to the other quickly. The Cromwell B allows for various styles to play and can be the difference between victory and defeat!

The ‘Lightweight Fighter Pack’ DLC includes the Cromwell B, a 100% crew featuring a Commander with Sixth Sense, 700,000 Credits, and more. Players can claim the bundle for free on Steam from May 13th at 19:00 CEST until May 23rd, 2022 at 19:00 CEST by using this link, so don’t miss out!

Complete Combat Missions and Earn Anniversary Tokens!

In the “MISSIONS” section of the Garage, each player can find special Anniversary Missions, available until the end of the event on May 23rd, 2022. There are five missions in total, and they can be completed consecutively. Tankers will be rewarded with in-game resources and special anniversary tokens after completing these missions, and the token rewards can be used to purchase various anniversary rewards, such as Garage Slots, Consumables, Credits, and a Universal Manual for crews, the ‘Flora’ 2D Style and more. Additionally, players should also check out the in-game store as they will find a surprise package there waiting for them.

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