WoW Classic: Alliance or Horde – which faction to choose?

One of the most important components in WoW Classic that every player will have to deal with, without a doubt, are factions. They will affect absolutely all areas – from the quest, to the choice of classes and the form of the game. There are only two of them in the game itself: Alliance and Horde.

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The basic idea behind the WoW Classic factions Alliance and Horde is quite simple to understand in their design, but not easy to execute. If you’re completely new to the game, in short, the Alliance are fantastic “good guys”, racial groups with a unified mindset, protecting themselves from potential threats, and in turn, destroying the evil from Azeroth. As for the Hordes, they are more likely to be anti-heroes, especially the Orcs and the Undead, whose origin, obviously, has a connection with war and arbitrariness. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Each side, with its own characteristics and nuances, learns their roles in the ongoing conflicts around Azeroth. And it is worth noting that at the heart of these two associations there are, oddly enough, broad touches of archetypical and fantastic images.

In addition, some groups, such as the Paladin, are limited to only one alliance; accordingly, races that have a connection with one side cannot take the side of the enemies. Therefore, gamers who decide to leave the Undead are required to join the Horde. So, let’s now proceed to the analysis of the main questions: whose side is it to take after all? Alliance or Horde? What are the advantages of one side over the other?


If you enjoy beating up other players and participating in the cleansing of the game’s content, then you are simply called to take the side of the Alliance! Of course, this does not imply that members of the Horde are not allowed to go through dungeons and participate in battles. In contrast, members of the Horde have full access exclusively to the shaman class, however, their totems are significantly inferior to Blessings. It’s worth noting that there is a class that holds back the Alliance, and that’s Paladin. He has a huge arsenal of Blessings that play a key role in both PvE and PvP mode. For example, Blessing of Kings gives you the ability to deal more damage. Not least, Alliance players who abandon players receive a 10% reputation bonus.

As can be seen, the differences are not significant. However, it becomes obvious that the Alliance is still slightly defeating the Horde in PvE and PvP mode.


Perhaps now the fans of the Horde side thought that it would be about them. And no, in the nomination “Best faction for pumping” the Alliance wins again! The stats are on his side. Night Elf and Dwarf Hunter are rightfully the strongest levels in the game. What is it connected with? As a rule, with quest plots, many other undeniable factors. It’s also hard to argue with the fact that the greatest mathematicians in the world, participating in the battles of WoW Classic, give the victory to the Alliance.

Once players reach level 42, they gain access to relatively similar quests, regardless of which faction they are in. This leads to the conclusion that the experience just levels out, and then, just allows you to choose without having to depend on clans.

Well, is the Horde losing in everything? In the case of quest lines, the Horde is vastly superior to the Alliance. Although they may seem too specific, especially early on, they are more effective than the Alliance. Obviously, the discussion is giving the victory to the Horde, for the overall experience of the quests.


Considering exclusives, it is worth paying tribute: for Alliance players, the Paladin class remains the most frequently used. Why is he so remarkable? Paladin – has huge popularity due to his strong Blessings, and as you know, Blessings play a leading role for the Alliance.

It is worth noting that the Alliance has access to two main centers, the entrance to which from the side of the Horde, is possible only through PvP mode: Stormwind (the largest human city located in Azeroth); and Ironforge (the stronghold of the Alliance, the capital of the dwarves). This is a subjective choice, but players looking for a very subtle look will likely opt for Alliance.


As mentioned above, the Horde has its own perk: access to shamans. A well-balanced Shaman class offers many perspectives and has every chance of succeeding. However, as mentioned earlier, this class is still inferior to the Paladin, since it does not have Bloodlust (bloodlust).

Like the Alliance, the Horde has two locations that enemies can’t infiltrate except through PvP: Orgrimmar (the orc and troll capital, serving as a bastion, located in the north of Durotar); as well as the Undercity (the capital of the Forsaken, the Undead Horde. The city is located in Tirisfal Glades).


Both clans have their pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages. Which side to take is ultimately up to you. Despite all the above facts and arguments, perhaps the most important thing for a player is which side he has more friends on.

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