Yeastpunk RPG Born of Bread Set to Launch on PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox in Summer 2023

Indie developer WildArts, in partnership with Dear Villagers, has announced that its yeastpunk RPG, Born of Bread, will be launching on PC, Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series platforms in Summer 2023. The game is a retro throwback to classic cartoony RPGs, featuring fun characters and engaging stories for both children and adults.

The latest trailer for Born of Bread showcases the protagonist, flour golem Loaf, as he embarks on a journey to help his friends and save the land. Players can expect a colorful cast of unique characters, each with their own special abilities, an array of attacks and mini-games in the game’s battle system, and a wide variety of vibrant environments to explore during the adventure.

Key ingredients for Born of Bread include:

  1. A flour golem protagonist named Loaf, possessing a childlike wonder and odd abilities.
  2. A magical world filled with mysteries to uncover.
  3. A diverse cast of well-developed characters.
  4. An engaging, wacky storyline.
  5. Light puzzles to solve throughout the game.
  6. Turn-based battles with real-time mini-games.
  7. Bright, colorful 2.5D graphics.
  8. Optional side-missions for added depth.
  9. An in-game audience that grants bonuses during battles based on player performance.

In Born of Bread, players control Loaf, the flour golem, who finds himself in a mystical land filled with friends and local folk. As beings from another age cause chaos across the land, Loaf must rise to the challenge and become the hero everyone needs.

The game features an eclectic cast of endearing characters, a 2.5D illustrated setting, environmental puzzles, and a unique hybrid of turn-based and real-time battles. Players will need to strategize and use quick reflexes to defeat the various foes encountered throughout the game.

Born of Bread also includes an innovative live-stream feature, where battles are shown to an in-game audience. Entertaining the audience can lead to bonus rewards, and permanent viewers may offer additional objectives for even more prizes.

Gamers can look forward to experiencing Born of Bread when it launches on PC, Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series platforms in Summer 2023.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft Windows

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