YOOZOO Games Unveils New Title & Story Trailer for The Fifth Ark

Mobile game developer YOOZOO Games and its publishing branch GTarcade have announced that they will be publishing Metal Revolution, a cross-platform cyberpunk fighting game coming to PC, console, and mobile later this year. Developed by NExT Studios and published on mobile by GTarcade, the game set to enter pre-registration soon and release in the second half of 2021.

GTarcade and YOOZOO Games also showcased a brand-new story teaser for their upcoming zombie survival RPG game The Fifth Ark, shedding light on the post-apocalyptic world the game takes place in.

The announcements took place during Gtarcade’s Saint Seiya Awakening esports tournament Jamir All-Star, which saw 650,000 concurrent viewers, a $20,000 lucky draw and the winner receive a $10,000 prize. The publisher is now committing to support a larger Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac 2021 esports program.

Metal Revolution

Developed by NExT Studios and published by Gtarcade, Metal Revolution is a next-gen mecha fighting game that brings the classic arcade fighting game feel into the age of cyberpunk and enhanced cybernetic combat.

Players will be able to take control of a wide range of fighters with their own fighting styles and customizable aesthetics in order to climb through the ranks and advance through an authentic arcade game experience. Features of Metal Revolution include:

  • 14 cyberpunk fighters at launch, each with a different playstyle, aesthetics, and fast head-to-head action gameplay at up to 60fps
  • Basic moves and combos that players can combine into advanced techniques, mix-ups, cross-ups, and guard breaks
  • Authentic fighting game experience based on the roots of the genre on the backdrop of an atmospheric cyberpunk reality
  • Competitive ladder with divisions and rank up rewards as well as a replay function, advanced netcode, and custom lobby options
  • A complete fair play where players can unlock new fighters or even skins just by playing the game

“We’re excited to be publishing Metal Revolution on mobile.” Said Qin Liu, Vice President of YOOZOO Games. “With its stunning graphics, deep gameplay mechanics, and accessible controls, Metal Revolution is apparently the best of its kind. Since the game was first announced in 2018, it has already been a highly anticipated and acclaimed title in the fighting game community. It’s a pleasure to work with NExT Studios, who are a group of passionate game lovers and diligent developers, to present this ambitious and highly creative title to gamers worldwide.”

“As we have been building Metal Revolution, we have spent a great deal of time thinking about ways to improve the online fighting game experience, from motion capturing the moves of professional martial artists to creating a new network recovery system that will help keep gamers engaged even when internet connections drop. We’re so passionate about Metal Revolution that we would like to invite you to take our team on directly in a special developer arena once the game launches. Come show us your best moves!” Said Jensen Hu, Metal Revolution Game Producer.

Metal Revolution is currently set to enter pre-registration soon and release in the second half of 2021. The mobile version of the game will be available to download on iOS and Android globally and will offer language support in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian, Thai, and Simplified Chinese. The game has just finished its first 3-day test from April 10th to 12th.

The Fifth Ark

Gtarcade and YOOZOO Games have also introduced a brand new story teaser for their upcoming zombie survival RPG game The Fifth Ark. The teaser sheds light on the post-apocalyptic world the game takes place in and can be found here.

The Fifth Ark is a mobile RPG set in the post-apocalyptic world of heroes and villains in which humanity struggles to survive against hordes of zombies and mutants. The title alludes to the Mayan calendar, which indicates we’re currently undergoing the fifth calendar cycle. The game is currently set to release in summer 2021 on iOS and Android and is available in several countries such as Canada and Australia in open beta. The Fifth Ark features a variety of heroes with unique positioning and skills, as well as a wide range of individual, cooperative, and competitive game modes.

Gtarcade and YOOZOO Games will also be releasing a new Viking simulation RPG Simure Vikings in June 2021. The game is currently open for pre-registration on Google Play and its official website.

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