You will conquer the world of World of WarCraft, but dare you?

The world of World of WarCraft is amazing and unique

Someone entered it for the first time, was amazed at its greatness, and decided to certainly become a part of this vast world. And Azeroth conquered someone’s heart long ago, and almost from the very inception of the world of World of WarCraft, we have been moving from patch to patch in order to follow the history of this universe and again feel like a part of something magical.

Azeroth, like Shadowlands, are incredibly interesting, vibrant and rich worlds in which you can become anyone: from an attentive explorer who does not miss a single squirrel to express his love to her, to the conqueror of the most powerful and bloodthirsty rulers of both worlds.

Which path will you choose?

Of course, the overthrow of tyrants and rulers sounds much more tempting than love for squirrels. And if you have chosen this path, be prepared to face many difficulties and dangers that you will have to face.

In dozens of raids and dungeons, you will come face to face with both famous characters from the history of WarCraft and minor ones, and you will be able to replenish your knowledge of this amazing universe. The dungeon system can, of course, seem quite complex. And in order to conquer its peaks in Shadowlands, you will have to put in a lot of effort.

So where do you start?

It’s no secret that every player, having taken the maximum level in the game, already dreams of being in the well-known “keys”, getting the best armor and weapons for himself. However, before entering the Mythic dungeon, you will have to go through the Normal and Heroic dungeons many times. meeting a variety of allies from your server. Of course, if you chose the role of the damage dealer, sometimes you have to wait a long time to find your group. But if you choose the role of a tank or a healer, which any team needs, you can find allies much faster.

What else can you do to get into the Mythic dungeon as quickly as possible?


Be sure to pay attention to the leveling of the profession. It is she who will give you the necessary supply of gold to buy good enough armor to effectively fulfill your role in a group of allies or get into higher-level dungeons. You can purchase the required armor, accessories or weapons at the auction, as well as order from players with the desired profession.

Improving equipment

Remember to enchant your clothes using Enchanting and put sockets in there if your clothes have sockets for them.


Buy good potions and food, they will increase your characteristics during the battle and help you become the best in the team in damage per second. If you choose the role of a tank, it will make you more enduring, and the increase in your damage will help you keep aggro on yourself. And if you decide to become a healer, then potions and food will help you maintain your mana reserve longer, and also heal allies more effectively.

Covenant quests

Do not forget to go through the entire quest chain of your covenant, so that all possible spells and abilities will become subject to you.

Leveling and gearing is difficult

If you are now at this stage, then you know how difficult and sometimes boring it can be. Many players take advantage of the boosting opportunity here to get to a more interesting game stage. Of course, with a low level of equipment, you are unlikely to be taken to a Mythic-level dungeon, but boosters will take you to a good dungeon, where you can immediately dress well and embark on an exciting independent journey through the world of Shadowlands.

This method is just for you, if you are not ready to sit for hours and days, collecting gold and going through the same dungeons over and over again with random people. Finding a competent and well-coordinated team, with which passing any dungeon will be a joy, is sometimes very difficult, and those who are engaged in boosting are usually experienced and strong players.

So what does the Shadowlands dungeon system look like?

There are three main difficulty levels in the Shadowlands dungeons

– Normal

– Heroic

– Mythic

To get to normal and heroic level, you need to raise the level of your equipment to a certain level

Above Heroic Level is Mythic. To enter the Mythic level dungeon, you will have to form a group of your own or join those who are already recruiting a team. And if the level of your equipment and experience is sufficient, you will definitely get a spot.

Mythic key

After completing the Mythic dungeon to the very end, you will receive a special key that will open up the opportunity for you to complete this dungeon at a higher level of difficulty. From that moment on, you will receive a rating for completing the dungeon, which depends on how quickly you passed it to the end.

If you can invest in the shortest possible time, your key level will grow much faster, and with a new key level you will unlock an even more difficult, but more generous dungeon.

Don’t want to take to the Mythic dungeon?

If the players don’t want to take you to a high-level dungeon, you can always become the leader of the group and collect it yourself. And if you think you don’t have enough experience, use the guides and help of more experienced players Mythic dungeon carry on the Epiccarry gaming service. In addition, you can simply use the help of those who will launch any dungeon for you, give you the necessary experience or collect good equipment for you, giving you the opportunity to get even more pleasure from the game.

And the most important thing

It does not matter whether you are a beginner player or a player with extensive experience, the world of World Of WarCraft will always find something to surprise you. There are always those peaks that still loom on the horizon, attracting with their riddles. Equip yourself, gain experience and go ahead, conquer the Shadowlands!


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