Your Summer of Dreams Starts Today: Everdream Valley Out Now on PC and PlayStation

The charming and cozy farm adventure, Everdream Valley, has officially launched on PC, PS4, and PS5, with the Nintendo Switch version set to release in June 2023. Developed by Mooneaters, Untold Tales, and VARSAV Game Studios, this enchanting game invites players to immerse themselves in a sprawling animal paradise farm, where they can cultivate crops, care for animals, and embark on magical dream-filled adventures. Everdream Valley offers a delightful blend of farming, exploration, and whimsical experiences that will captivate players of all ages.

Bring Life and Charm Back to the Farm

In Everdream Valley, players will have the opportunity to breathe life back into their family’s farm. The homestead requires tender care and attention, with a wide variety of crops to grow and a diverse collection of animals to raise. From protecting crops to ensuring the happiness of the animals, players must gather resources to repair and expand their farm, gradually transforming it into a thriving haven.

Create an Animal Paradise

One of the highlights of Everdream Valley is the abundance of animal companions that inhabit the valley. Players will encounter an array of delightful creatures, from pigs and cows to chickens, ducks, goats, alpacas, and more. Each animal, whether wild or domesticated, brings its unique influence to the farm. The game celebrates the importance of animal care, ensuring that players will never have to compromise their furry friends for the sake of progress.

The Best of Fluffy Sidekicks

Alongside the farm chores, players will have a loyal and helpful canine companion by their side. With a selection of 10 different breeds to choose from, players can train their furry friend to assist in herding, tracking, treasure hunting, and more. And don’t worry, there’s even a cat in the game who might surprise players with his own unique abilities if they manage to win him over.

The Magic Comes Out at Night

As the sun sets in Everdream Valley, the magic truly begins to unfold. Through dream sequences, players will have the opportunity to embody various animals on the farm, each with their special mini-games and challenges. These nighttime adventures provide unique rewards and impacts on the farm, making each dream experience memorable and significant for the following day.

A Relaxed Sandbox of Adventures

While tending to the farm is a central focus, Everdream Valley offers players a wide range of activities beyond the fields. Whether it’s camping under the stars, building a treehouse, catching and collecting bugs, fishing, dressing up in new clothes, cooking, taking photos, or treasure hunting, the valley is teeming with opportunities for exciting adventures. Each activity yields rewards that contribute to the growth and development of the farm, making every experience worthwhile.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

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