Youtube: Game On Adds New Creators, Segment Details and Schedule

This interactive Livestream celebrates the diversity of gaming content that makes up the YouTube gaming community – from entertaining gaming challenges and surprise gameplay moments to honoring classic game anniversaries – all of which are inspired by the most popular trends on the platform.

“YOUTUBE: GAME ON” premieres Saturday, August 27th at 1:00 PM PT / 4:00 PM ET on the official YouTube channel.

Minecraft: Dynamite Dodgeball

Two teams of YouTube Gaming Creators are each contained in their own floating base in the sky of this Minecraft experience. Teams throw explosive dynamite back and forth to destroy each other’s platforms until one team is left standing. Competing creators include Dream, JackSepticEye, Gab Smolders, TommyInnIt, GeorgeNotFound, EyStreem, Sapnap, Fuze III, LaurenzSide and LDShadowLady

Markiplier Presents: Analog Horror

From the creative mind of Markiplier, players will join an interactive experience related to the Analog Horror trend on YouTube.

Real Professionals Play a Video Game Simulator

In this challenge, we’ll see whether real professionals can show off their skills in virtual versions of two high-stress jobs: surgery, and bomb defusing. Challengers include Doctor Mike and two Army veterans.

Hot One’s Challenge: Video Gamer Faceoff

Hosted by Sean Evans (First We Feast) viewer-selected creators will go head-to-head playing an early demo of the highly anticipated Street Fighter 6. This one-on-one faceoff has an added twist where defeated players must eat increasingly hotter wings.

Name the Video Game Theme Song

Viewers will attempt to guess which classic video game theme song the talented acapella group Maytree recreates in their signature style.

Jake Fellman: Choose Your Path

This unique creation from YouTube shorts creator, Jake Fellman, is a choose your path experience where viewers face a series of moral dilemmas. Players must choose wisely or face the consequences.

Among Us In Real Life

Created by Devinsupertramp, this Among Us IRL features a group of crewmates and impostors aboard a physical spaceship. They will attempt to figure out who the imposter is through a variety of tasks.

Spooky Survival: Which Senior Will Survive in Poppy Playtime?

A group of unsuspecting seniors will try to be the last person standing in this survival horror game: Poppy Playtime.

Fall Guys: Protect the President

Two teams fight to bring their President to the end of the map before the other team sabotages their journey! This group play experience will feature top YouTube gaming creators: PrestonPlayz, Sykkuno, CouRage, BriannaPlayz, MachikaYT, Dner (aka Felix von der Laden), Lyna, AyChristene, MeEnyu and Typical Gamer

World vs. Queen of Crosswords: Is Stella Zawistowski faster than the world?

One of the globe’s best speed crossword solvers, Stella Zawistowski, will face off against the world to see who can solve a variety of gaming-themed crosswords the fastest. Puzzles created by: Will Shortz, NYT crossword editor

Creature Feature

Created by Shutter Authority, Creature Feature is a bracketed tournament where iconic gaming creatures face off in an epic battle.

Car Clash: GTA Car Avalanche

The Sidemen will attempt to reach the peak while an avalanche of cars tumbles down on them.

Trackmania: NASCAR Driver vs Pro Virtual Racer

Wirtual, a worldwide superstar in Trackmania, competes against pro NASCAR driver, Hailie Deegan, in a challenge that will put both their skills to the test. Who will win, the real life pro, or the YouTube gaming star?

Balloon Pop: YouTubers Float Over Spikes w/ Last Man Standing Winning

Creators are floating over a giant board of spikes and lava, suspended by several balloons over each of their heads. Creators each have a weapon with which to pop enemy balloons. Competing creators include Melt, Muselk, Chica, Lachlan, Ali A, and Bazerk.

Mortal Kombat Tournament: Beat Bella

Bella Poarch hosts a Mortal Kombat tournament competing with her friend’s Myth, Kris London, and Larray in this epic grand finale.

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