YouTuber Ali-A Brings is Coming to Fortnite

Hot off Chica’s arrival, UK-based YouTuber Alastair ‘Ali-A’ Aiken is the next content creator to join the Fortnite Icon Series! Ali-A has been creating YouTube videos about Fortnite since the release of the game in 2017, making him a long-time key member in the Fortnite space!

Ali-A’s Icon Series Set will be available in the Item Shop starting Thursday, May 19th, 2022 at 8 PM ET. But there are tons of ways to celebrate Ali-A’s arrival in the series beyond his Set: there’s an Ali-A Cup Zero Build mode as well as the Ali-A Experience island created by his own Creative agency, Team Atomic.

  • THE ALI-A EXPERIENCE IN CREATIVE: Grab a weapon at the entrance and battle it out in the underground arena with bits of Fortnite history! With the launch of Fortnite v20.40, a new Ali-A themed Quest will become available: Eliminate 15 opponents at the Ali-A Experience. Players who complete this Quest will unlock the Ali-A Was Here Spray!
  • THE ALI-A OUTFIT: It’s only appropriate that the leader of the “Ali-A Army” has an array of armor, so the Ali-A Outfit comes in eight different Styles, along with additional color and lighting options!
  • ALI-A ACCESSORIES: Included with the Outfit is the Ali-Tech Backplate Back Bling, fusion-cooled storage for the battlefield. Reveal its wings with the Ali-Tech Plasmawings alt Style, and descend on the Island with the Ali-Tech Plasmawings Glider (built into the Outfit).
  • ALI-A CUP (ZERO BUILD): Go all in during the Ali-A Cup! Compete in this Zero Build Duos event happening on May 18th, 2022 for a chance to unlock the Ali-A Outfit (and the Ali-Tech Backplate Back Bling) before they hit the Item Shop. Participants earning at least eight points unlock the Ali-A Army Emoticon.
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