YUR Raises $1.1 Million and Launches its Beta on Oculus Quest and Mobile to Make Gamers Fit with VR

YUR “why you are” (https://yur.fit/), a leading virtual reality (“VR”) fitness company and community, announced today that it secured $1.1 million in pre-seed funding led by The Venture Reality Fund and BoostVC. YUR is co-founded by Cix Liv and Dilan Shah.

YUR has a large vision; to leverage VR technologies to change a worldwide epidemic; sedentary behavior. They foresee that gaming, a notoriously sedentary behavior, can be harnessed with VR technology to get people to exercise. Their technology can determine how a player is moving in games, to provide specific health and fitness recommendations. Navigating players into a healthy lifestyle, while having fun.

Oculus Quest Dashboard

YUR’s patent-pending calorie tracking software is installed directly on headsets with no additional hardware required. Effective today, both the YUR Oculus Quest app on Sidequest (https://sidequestvr.com/ ) and the YUR mobile companion app are released into beta. The mobile app syncs to Apple Health and Google Fit to give users the ability to track their activities while outside of VR. This technology is designed to increase retention of VR, and gamify fitness in a way never before seen.

Oculus Quest Leaderboard

Cix Liv, Co-founder and CEO of YUR, said: “We are building YUR to be the Peloton of the future by making fitness a game. Gaming and fitness have always been our biggest passions, and we believe there’s a growing community of people who want to combine these two passions as well.”

Marco DeMiroz, Co-founder & General Partner of The Venture Reality Fund, said: “YUR has an impressive founding team with strong roots in VR, gaming, and app development. We’ve already seen how the fitness community has come together during YUR’s beta phase, and we’re excited about the future of the company in this growing market.”

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