ZAMB! Redux – an epic local co-op action/tactics mash-up is coming to Xbox One! The final encounter starts on May 30th!

Reload your weapons, check your equipment, and call your wingman to join you on a mission starting this May 30th when ZAMB! Redux launches on Xbox One – pre-orders available now!

Meet Dr. Hundertwasser, a brilliant scientist who unfortunately wasn’t very interested in using his genius for the betterment of mankind. Instead he spent his days and nights doing mysterious experiments until one day he discovered a way to turn regular animals into bloodthirsty mutants. Now he’s in command of a goddamn army that’s more than willing to help our doc take control of the whole galaxy. Guess who the galaxy’s last hope and half of the dream team capable of stopping this maniac is…

Not really interested in all this “who, what, why” stuff? More into action and simply prefer to see some mutants’ heads being blown off? Then you’ll love the action-packed ZAMB! 

Enjoy that? Great! Then you’ll be happy to hear that the game is available now for pre-order at $19.99!

In ZAMB! Redux you play as two special operatives whose main goal is to fight their way through a mad scientist’s Secret Asteroid Base© while keeping the doc’s army of evil mutants at bay.


Operative no. 1 – Cye*
*A rebellious, red-haired space agent.
His weapon of choice is a pair of power gauntlets that allow him not only to punch evil right in the face, but also to channel energy into devastating special attacks. He’s a short-tempered and aggressive brawler, so whenever there’s trouble you can almost be sure he’s the one causing it.

Operative no. 2 – Chrome*
*The yin to Cye’s yang.
A calm and collected tactician who never loses his cool. He prefers long-ranged combat. His trusty gun allows him to stay out of trouble. But Chrome’s greatest weapon is his mind. As an engineer, he can create almost impenetrable defenses by building and placing devastating turrets.

In both cases, you can develop the skills of your agent, increase his power, and overcome 29 uniquely challenging levels that get harder as you progress. So what’s it gonna be? Are you more of a “punch now, ask questions later” guy? Or are you a tactical genius that likes to trick the enemy into bottlenecks and melt them down with a devastating turret barrage?

Zamb 2

Whatever you choose in ZAMB! Redux, you’ll be able to play either solo (with both characters with help from AI), or draft in a loyal friend, partner or sibling for some epic local co-op action. Use everything at your disposal to eliminate the mutant army and put a stop to their evil before it spreads across the universe.

Zamb 3


  • 29 stages to dominate and 3 environments to conquer – hack reactor in 29 action-packed arenas and take over the mad scientist’s asteroid base
  • 14 Powers and Turrets – combining your strategic mind with a brawling skill set, you’ll have to use everything at your disposal to defeat the waves of mutants
  • Over 200 upgrades for each character – increase your range, power up your damage, or upgrade your AoE radius to better dispose of the vile mutants
  • 13 unique enemies – defend against mutant wasps, scorpions with blasters, exploding ticks, and the titanic crusher bugs
  • 3 challenging bosses – face off against the mad scientist’s most destructive scientific experiments
  • Replayability – unlock achievements and star-award challenges in every level and earn bragging rights!

Zamb 4

ZAMB! Redux will launch on Xbox One on May 30th this year. Pre-orders are now available.

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