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avatar-logo-url-red is an interactive online community built around the digital gaming scene featuring the latest gaming news & reviews, user created forums, eSports calendars, convention calendars, featured fan content, videos galleries, live streams, & anything gaming related! We cover every facet of digital gaming eSports, console, handheld, PC, virtual reality, alternate reality, augmented reality and mobile.

How We Started (GL) was released into beta January 1st, 2016, and officially launched March 1st, 2016, by JRA Projects, LLC. Our staff of devoted gamers has over 30 years of gaming experience combined, dating back into the Atari era. We take pride in our community which was brought together through years of gaming experiences and platforms galore.

The First Step GL was originally developed to be an online community where gamers can share knowledge and experiences, along with a robust news feed. Our goal was to promote and drive traffic to other niche gaming websites, products, news sources, platforms, and brands in the gaming community. GL accomplishes this by featuring a small amount of select content from other sources and creating paths to the main source for more in-depth information, always accrediting the original source. This news-feed style approach allows gamers to skim a wider range of content before making a selection.

Growth Due to the overwhelming amount of traffic and interest in the community GL staff had to adapt and make changes to the website and its business model. GL 2.0 was released in October 2016 which included a full website remodel along with a new business plan called the “3 Pillars of Gaming.” GL also launched a Discord community along with outreach programs to fuel the 3 pillars. Connecting this operation together will be the primary focus of 2017 in doing so with the launching of GL headquarters, a facility with hardware to support all 3 Pillars of Gaming.

The “3 Pillars of Gaming” PILLAR 1 – News, reviews, interviews, and original content! Expanding our original business model was inevitable once the massive amount of support started coming in, so we decided that creating original content was at the top of the list. Pillar 1 poses to be the main focus of expansion in 2017 and will include in-house writers, video editing staff, convention coverage, and a LIVE Internet daily news broadcast. Executing this pillar effectively, along with a major effort to expand our online store, will increase all metrics and create international brand awareness.

PILLAR 2 – Online gaming communities, streamers, and content creators! Launching our online voice/chat platform through Discord allowed our community to market and network 24/7 from any part of the world. Expanding our in-game communities to the level of our World of Warcraft Community (2000+ members) is a major goal for 2017, and embedding ambassadors into these online gaming communities to manage the members and promote growth is top priority. We have created a robust environment for streamers and content creators including full sponsorships and entry level programs which help facilitate growth and community unification.

PILLAR 3 – eSports! We at GL believe eSports are not only the future but are an essential piece in making gaming as a whole an accepted household activity. Throughout the years, the Hollywood community has cast gamers as outsiders, recluses, and nerds. But since the eSports scene has risen in the past few years and extraordinary talents have emerged, gaming has become more accepted than ever, and we feel it’s just the beginning! GL headquarters plans to promote multiple eSports teams to compete at the highest level of tournament play.

GL is proud to announce it will now be sponsoring teams at competitive eSports events through its new sponsorship platform “Team Gaming Lyfe”. Our goal is to provide multiple levels of sponsorship’s which include custom packages designed specifically for each team based on play-style, popularity, and ranking level. We are looking to find passionate players who conduct themselves in a professional manner becoming not only top tier players but role models for the gaming community. GL’s staff of devoted gamer’s is committed to support the rise of eSports in hopes of getting it to the full potential we all know it can reach. If are interested in becoming sponsored? Visit our eSports Inquiry Page

GL will now offer sponsorships to active Streamers, YouTubers of all types in the gaming community through its new sponsorship platform “Gaming Lyfe Live”. Unlike typical sponsorship’s – Our goal is to provide multiple levels of sponsorship packages which are custom designed specifically for each Streamer, YouTuber based on play-style, popularity, showmanship, fan engagement, audio/visual quality, and ranking. We are looking to find passionate Streamers, YouTubers who conduct themselves in a professional manner becoming not only top paid Streamers, YouTubers but role models for the gaming community. We need people open too doing reviews on new games across PC, console, handheld or even mobile platforms! GL’s staff of devoted gamer’s is committed to support the rise of gaming community in hopes of getting it to the full potential we all know it can reach. If are interested in becoming sponsored? Visit our Streamers/YouTubers Inquiry Page

Thank you for taking the time to read our mission statement! We invite you to become a part of the community sign up for free any time!