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Want to join the Gaming Lyfe staff? Help us grow while gaining valuable knowledge & experience in the gaming industry? is an interactive online community built around the gaming scene featuring the latest gaming news & reviews, user created forums, eSports calendars, convention calendars, featured fan content, videos galleries, live streams, & anything gaming related! Live the Lyfe, the Gaming Lyfe. Gamers #1 Online News Source & Community. read more 

As a member of the Gaming Lyfe staff you will gain

  • Industry knowledge & experience within gaming communities, gaming developers, and eSports professionals.
  • A valuable opportunity to give back to the gaming community.
  • Help grow the gaming community & eSports to the heights we all imagined it could reach.
  • Networking with gaming communities, gaming developers, and eSports professionals.
  • Enjoy gaming with members of the Gaming Lyfe community.
  • Be exposed and learn in detail about trades like writing, social media marketing, graphic design, video editing, web development, game development.
  • Work directly with our industry press affiliates getting early access to products and games.

Expectations for staff members will vary, we will customize a plan to fit each individual staff member whether it be a volunteer, full time, part time, cross promotional, or featured content trading. Below are the staff positions from GamingLyfe’s 4 major departments – Marketing, News Room, Video Production, and eSports Division.

Staff Positions – We are hiring now!

  1. President – Oversees entire operation. Pushes the path of the company forward.
  2. Production Manager – Oversees production of the “GL Live” show.
  3. Chief Editor – Oversees all written content to be posted on
  4. Editor – Assist Chief editor with content duties.
  5. Staff Writer – Provide original written content for
  6. Correspondent – Manages content flow for niche sources such as game genres, eSports leagues, or products.
  7. Data Entry – Inputs content directly into provided by chief editor.
  8. Creative Artwork Director – Manages all visual marketing tools in every phase of production graphic, video, audio.
  9. Video editor – Assist Creative Artwork Director with video editing related duties
  10. Graphic Designer – Assist Creative Artwork Director with graphic design related duties.
  11. Camera Operator – Manages camera equipment and video/still content on site.
  12. Community Outreach – “Ambassador” for GL reaching out to gaming communities, streamers, content creators, and technical specialists.
  13. Social Media Manager – Oversee all social media content, holding it to GL standards.
  14. Social Media Expert – Assist Social Media Manager with duties such as posting, message, engagement, and growth.
  15. eSports Coordinator – Oversee all GL eSports operations.
  16. eSports Manager – Oversees niche eSports division.
  17. Convention Support – Join us at conventions and help with duties related to assigned department. Video, Audio, Interview, networking, or labor.
  18. Moderators – Community Manger or Leader in Discord and online Forums community.

Contact a community manager via our community Discord. (Discord works on Mobile devices, Tablets, and PC)

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