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Want to join the Gaming Lyfe staff? Help us grow while gaining valuable knowledge & experience in the gaming industry? is an interactive online community built around the gaming scene featuring the latest gaming news & reviews, user created forums, eSports calendars, convention calendars, featured fan content, videos galleries, live streams, & anything gaming related! Live the Lyfe, the Gaming Lyfe. Gamers #1 Online News Source & Community. read more 

As a member of the Gaming Lyfe staff you will gain

  • Industry knowledge & experience within gaming communities, gaming developers, and eSports professionals.
  • A valuable opportunity to give back to the gaming community.
  • Help grow the gaming community & eSports to the heights we all imagined it could reach.
  • Networking with gaming communities, gaming developers, and eSports professionals.
  • Enjoy gaming with members of the Gaming Lyfe community.
  • Be exposed and learn in detail about trades like writing, social media marketing, graphic design, video editing, web development, game development.
  • Work directly with our industry press affiliates getting early access to products and games. See full list of our press affiliates here.

Expectations for staff members will vary, we will customize a plan to fit each individual staff member whether it be a volunteer, full time, part time, cross promotional, or featured content trading. Below are the staff positions from GamingLyfe’s 4 major departments – Marketing, News Room, Video Production, and eSports Division.

Staff Positions – We are hiring now!

  1. President – Oversees entire operation. Pushes the path of the company forward.
  2. Production Manager – Oversees production of the “GL Live” show.
  3. Chief Editor – Overseas all written content to be posted on
  4. Editor – Assist Chief editor with content duties.
  5. Staff Writer – Provide original written content for
  6. Correspondent – Manages content flow for niche sources such as game genres, eSports leagues, or products.
  7. Data Entry – Inputs content directly into provided by chief editor.
  8. Creative Artwork Director – Manages all visual marketing tools in every phase of production graphic, video, audio.
  9. Video editor – Assist Creative Artwork Director with video editing related duties
  10. Graphic Designer – Assist Creative Artwork Director with graphic design related duties.
  11. Camera Operator – Manages camera equipment and video/still content on site.
  12. Community Outreach – “Ambassador” for GL reaching out to gaming communities, streamers, content creators, and technical specialists.
  13. Social Media Manager – Oversee all social media content, holding it to GL standards.
  14. Social Media Expert – Assist Social Media Manager with duties such as posting, message, engagement, and growth.
  15. eSports Coordinator – Oversee all GL eSports operations.
  16. eSports Manager – Oversees niche eSports division.
  17. Convention Support – Join us at conventions and help with duties related to assigned department. Video, Audio, Interview, networking, or labor.
  18. Moderators – community Manger or Leader in Discord and online Forums community.

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