Addictive, New Gaming App Explodes onto the App Market

In less than a month, several thousand people have downloaded and enjoyed Pandamino on Google Play alone.

Move over Candy Crush, Bejeweled and Farm Heroes Saga. A new, addictive app is putting a unique spin on the traditional genre of three-in-a-row games or Match 3. Since its early release, Pandamino has caught the attention of mobile gamers worldwide. With an official hard launch scheduled for February 15, 2018, the game is on track to be a top fan favorite. So far, Exovoid, the Swiss company behind Pandamino, is pleased by the initial response.

“I’m excited that so many people are enjoying the app,” stated Roberto Marra, the company’s founder. “The gaming market is already crowded with a lot of Match 3 type of games, so we knew we had to offer something truly different. Based on early user response, I think we succeeded.”

The fun-filled app stars a cute, cuddly panda appropriately named Pandamino and his feisty friend, Foxy. The two have planned an exciting trip around the world but need a lot of help getting there. To assist the duo on their quest, users of the game must come to their rescue before the trip turns into one big disaster. Packed with 210 exciting levels, gamers can help the duo on their journey through unique cities like Tokyo, Beijing, Cairo and more by correctly matching dominoes of the same color together.

“The goal is to remove all of the dominoes from the screen by flipping and dragging them to other dominoes that match in color,” explained Marra. “Our goal was to ultimately create a simple game that is accessible to everyone. My inspiration for Pandamino actually came from an old-school web game I loved called Bloxorz.”

After successfully completing every ten levels, gamers must solve a mini-puzzle to continue their track across the globe. But don’t worry. Gamers can take advantage of exciting bonuses to help Pandamino and Foxy on their quest. Filled with clean, crisp graphics at every level, Pandamino also includes more than ten original tunes for each country in the game. The app’s leaderboard also allows gamers to see how their friends and competitors are performing.

“We spent two years perfecting this app, and we couldn’t be more thrilled by the end result,” stated Marra. “For gamers who love a challenge, this app is for them.”

Pandamino is on track to mirror the success of the company’s most popular app to date, Weather XL Pro. With more than 10 million downloads, Weather XL Pro is one of the biggest weather apps available for Apple and Android smartphones.

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