Aerosoft Drops World’s First Truck & Bus Sim Steering Wheel

Ready to roll in a big rig, gamers? House of Simulation Aerosoft just dropped some heavy news. The game gear gurus are bringing you the Aerosoft Truck & Bus Wheel System, the first-of-its-kind hardware exclusively for PC Truck and Bus Simulations. If you’re vibing with titles like SnowRunner or Fernbus Coach Simulator, this wheel’s got your name on it.

Specs to Swear By

When we talk big, we mean big. With a wheel diameter of 15.7 inches and a 1080° steering wheel angle, it’s like gripping the wheel of a real truck or bus. Let’s not forget the ultra-realistic force feedback, designed to level up the immersion in heavy vehicle sims.

Filling the Hardware Gap

Generic car wheels won’t do it justice anymore. The Aerosoft Truck & Bus Wheel System aims to connect hardcore truck and bus sim enthusiasts with the gear they’ve been dreaming of. So if you’re tired of driving that 18-wheeler with a kiddie wheel, Aerosoft is coming to the rescue.

A Message from the Captain’s Seat

Winfried Diekmann, Aerosoft’s CEO, shared his enthusiasm: “We’ve spent 30 years perfecting simulations. The Aerosoft Truck & Bus Wheel System is a pinnacle of our efforts to redefine the simulation experience for heavy vehicle fans.”

Gear Up, Driver

The wheel isn’t riding solo. It comes with a gearshift lever unit boasting 12 programmable action buttons with light indicators. You get H-shift and sequential shift modes, plus a splitter selector. The package is topped off with a 3-way pedal set: accelerator, clutch, and brake pedal with exponential compression force.

Save the Date

Ready to shift gears in your gaming setup? You can pre-order now for a 10% discount. But hang tight, the full system will hit the digital shelves for PC early in 2024.

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