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Respawn Entertainment has dropped a substantial content update for Apex Legends, and it’s been live since June 4th. After significant time playing with the new changes and additions to the game, this article will cover the biggest talking points of the update as well as the response from the playerbase. This update is the largest update released since the start of Season One, and it brings a great load of bug fixes and adjustments to previous in-game aspects as well as a fair bit of new and interesting content for players to get their hands on. For the full patch notes, visit the official Apex Legends subreddit.

Hunt 1

First and foremost, the major addition to Apex Legends brought forth via the Legendary Hunt is the new game mode available for a limited time — Apex Elite. The Apex Elite playlist is available to all players who manage to finish in the top five of any match. Once achieving such placement, you receive an Elite Pass which grants you access to the separate Apex Elite playlist. Once in this playlist, you are guaranteed to be playing with other teams who have recently finished in the top five of their games. When playing in the Apex Elite, the main goal is to continuously manage to finish in the top five of your games. The game plays the same way … with the only changes being the ring speed and ring damage output has been increased to incentivise staying away from the shrinking border. Placing in the top five will add to your Elite Streak which is visibly tracked while in-game and in the pre-game lobby. If your team gets killed in an Elite match before reaching the top five while currently on an Elite Streak, you will be forgiven and allowed to rematch in the Apex Elite with your streak set back to one. The Apex Elite game mode has been an extremely welcomed addition to the game and has brought forward a sense of competition that Apex Legends really deserves. Not only are you now inspired to play well in order to keep your Elite Streak going, but you are also running into teams that are likely very skilled which makes you play your very best if you want to survive. Overall, my time spent in the Apex Elite playlist has been full of adrenaline-filled fights where I find myself in some of the craziest positions I have experienced in all my time playing Apex Legends.


The last of the new things to discuss (before going over the extensive list of bug fixes and game changes) comes in the form of challenges and cosmetics available with the Legendary Hunt update. First off all, battle pass owners have gained access to a new Legendary Wraith skin of Night Terror as well as an exclusive R301 skin of Honored Prey. The skin for Wraith is definitely one of her most unique skins and drastically changes how she looks. All players who have already reached level 15 in the battle pass will receive these skins upon log-in, and they can be subsequently unlocked if you have not already reached that level. On top of these skins, there has also been a whole new set of challenges added to the game — all of which award specific cosmetics upon completion. Earn the new Bloodhound skin, Master Of The Hunt, the Tamed Beast legendary Triple Take skin, and the wolfpack rare G7 Scout skin. These are earned through challenges like “Get One Top 5 In Apex Elite” or “Win 2 Games” as well as “Get Top 5 in Any Queue 5 Times” …  Manage to complete these challenges and each one will earn you a specific reward! On top of the new cosmetics, the in-game store has had brand new skins added and double experience points have been enabled allowing for faster progression through the Season One battle pass. Players will also be awarded one free battle pass tier skip once a day when you place in the top five of any match.

Battle Pass

G7 Scout

Triple Take

Another item to note is the small map changes added to the game’s map — Kings Canyon. Thunderdome has had loot placement changes, mostly moving around loot into bins for better visibility. The Pit has had loot increased to two times as much as before. Repulsor has had loot bins added to the west side of the compound as well as on top of the trapezoidal buildings. Lastly, some loot has been added to the small cave system by the town in the Shattered Forest. Players are also now able to ping Jump Towers with an audible call out to other players.

The list of bug fixes added with The Legendary Hunt update is very extensive … Below are the majority of the improvements added with this patch:

  • Fixed the delay of items showing up when looting death boxes.
  • Improved server performance to reduce rubber banding.
  • Removed an exploit that allowed squads to have more than one of the same Legend.
  • Removed an exploit that allowed “Bunny Hopping” while healing.
  • Thermite grenades will now cause damage to doors.
  • Caustic traps can now be triggered or disabled by friendly teammates.
  • Added a cooldown before you can reuse the same zipline (of 0.5s).
  • Pathfinder’s grapple UI now displays a small blue indicator when something is close enough to attach to.
  • Removed the ability for players to customize settings not intended to be modified on the client level. This is to remove exploits that can cause an unfair advantage — like the ability to remove muzzle flash, disable lighting, and other changes.
  • Fixed the extra sway from the G7 Scout crosshair when moving.
  • Fixed a bug where cloaked Mirage was too visible (this has GREATLY increased invisibility).
  • Fixed a rare issue while using consumables while holding out a Caustic trap.
  • Fixed an issue with Ocatne’s stim trail lingering after death.
  • Fixed an issue where downed players would crawl very fast.
  • Fixed an issue with players not being awarded any experience after match completion.
  • Fixed the issue of payers being crushed by doors when climbing above them while being opened.
  • Fixed issues with frame rate during Bloodhound’s ultimate ability.
  • Fixed cases of melee lunges canceling before reaching the intended target.
  • Fixed an issue with audio effects for weapons sometimes being absent during firing.
  • Lots of minor stability fixes and improvements.

The team at Respawn Entertainment have injected an excellent batch of new content into Apex Legends — giving players a new taste of fresh cosmetics, new challenges, and a great competitive environment to put their skills to the test. One of the loudest things echoed through the community was the lack of new content. So, this patch has been widely accepted and appreciated by the vast community of players and goes to show that Respawn Entertainment is always hard at work preparing new content for the players even if they are not transparent in advance about what is coming out and when.

For the full list of bug fixes and game changes, visit the official Apex Legends subreddit where they have the patch notes explained in full. As always you can rely on GamingLyfe.com for up-to-date, accurate, and informative news and information on various topics in the industry. Stay tuned for further Apex Legends articles and content reviews!

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