Atari Unveils 80s-Inspired Summer Camp Collection and New Atari Club Membership

Atari, a giant in the interactive entertainment industry, is turning up the heat this summer with the Atari Summer Camp Collection. This limited edition array is far more than a mere nostalgic trip; it reflects the brand’s history of nurturing young programming talent. Originating from a unique period in the early ’80s when Atari ran summer camps for budding computer programmers, the collection boasts an array of items including t-shirts, tanks, totes, caps, and hats.

Two-Week Limited Availability on Atari’s Official Website

Gamer nostalgia hits a high note as this special collection is available for just two weeks starting today. Atari aficionados eager to snag some retro-swag can head to the official Atari website,, to check out the full lineup.

Atari Club Open Enrollment Launches Alongside Collection

Coinciding with the Summer Camp Collection, Atari has also initiated open enrollment for the Atari Club. The club serves as a hub for linking the brand with its fanbase and collaborators. It aims to offer unique engagement experiences and plans to incorporate gaming culture into diverse lifestyle facets.

CEO Wade Rosen on Atari’s Legacy and Future

Wade Rosen, Chairman and CEO of Atari, expresses excitement about the collection. He cites its significance as a tribute to the generation of young developers influenced by the early video game industry. Rosen also assures that this collection is just the beginning, with more drops planned that will continue to celebrate Atari’s storied past and vision for the future.

More Than Just Code: Remembering Atari Computer Camps

The Summer Camp Collection is deeply rooted in the Atari Computer Camps of the 1980s. These camps weren’t all work and no play. Beyond the rigorous computer education and programming syllabus, they integrated a full-bodied summer camp experience. Activities like sports, swimming, music, and arts were part of the curriculum, making for an enriching and balanced experience for attendees.

Exclusive Items Via Coinbase OnChain Summer Program

For those who navigate the crypto sphere, three exclusive items from the Atari Summer Camp Collection can be acquired via the Coinbase OnChain Summer program. These special items are up for grabs at until August 30, 2023.

The Atari Summer Camp Collection and the new Atari Club membership are poised to reconnect fans with the brand’s legendary past while paving the way for future gaming culture experiences.

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