Bandai Namco Teases SD Gundam G Generation Series Mobile Game, Closed Beta Soon

Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. has announced the launch of “SD Gundam G Generation ETERNAL”, a new mobile game for the SD Gundam G Generation series to be released in the App Store and Google Play. Closed Beta Test Coming Soon!

G Generation is a series of games where you can enjoy stories based on the original works and create your own unique teams with units and characters from throughout Gundam’s history. This latest installment will be a strategy game for mobile devices.

Experience Gundam stories from the TV anime, movies, and games, as well as the manga, novels, and more first-hand with dynamic battle animations!

An Authentic “G Generation” Experience on Your Smartphone

This is a mobile strategy game featuring G Generation’s tactical gameplay where you command a squad of units in battle on grid-based maps. There’s also an auto mode that’s perfect for casual play on your smartphone!

Experience the Original Series First-Hand with Dynamic Animations

Relive scenes from the original Gundam works through tons of exciting stages! Experience all the unforgettable locations and famous quotes from your favorite Gundam series—or even those from entries you have yet to see!

Collect Units and Create Your Very Own Unique Squad

You can obtain new units, warships, and characters by completing stages, via development, and through quests! Enjoy the challenge of overcoming the obstacles each stage puts in your path and aim to create your own unique squad with the array of units you collect along the way!
Your units and characters will get stronger with each battle they face, so get out there and take your favorite units to the next level!

Enjoy Using G Generation’s “Development” Game System

Too Obtain New Units “Development” is a central game mechanic in the G Generation series where you use your powered-up units to create new ones! Not only will this game have the overall structure and features you know and love from the G Generation series, but there are also plenty of new additions in development exclusively for this release!

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