Bleach: Immortal Soul Launch Brings Authentic New RPG to Mobile Gamers

Publisher Oasis Games today announced the launch of Bleach: Immortal Soul, a new BLEACH mobile RPG focused on storytelling and strategy. Officially licensed by the Bleach Animation Production Committee, published by Oasis Games, and co-developed by Oasis Games and GREE, Bleach: Immortal Soul follows the authentic storyline of Ichigo’s adventures in becoming a Soul Reaper. Now available on Google Play and the App Store, the title transports RPG gamers and fans to the world of BLEACH. There, players can collect and train their favorite characters, engage in strategic combat, and explore rich stories through dozens of animated chapters—as seen in today’s new launch video:

In Bleach: Immortal Soul, players will meet familiar faces from BLEACH—including voices from the anime—as they re-engage with the adventures of Substitute Soul Reaper, Ichigo. Players will experience Ichigo’s decisions and consequences while defending Karakura Town with their Zanpakuto blades, building a team of disparate characters, and strengthening their strategy and skills to triumph in turn-based combat as they battle Hollows and guide lost souls to Soul Society. Hundreds of thousands of players have pre-registered for the game, and players who pre-registered directly via the game’s official pre-registration website will receive a valuable gift pack at launch that includes Soul Jade Summon tokens, high level EXP tonics, and 200,000 gold coins that will speed their initial progress in the game.

Bleach Immortal Soul - Gameplay Screen 1

BLEACH was serialized in the Japanese manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump from 2001 to 2016 and has since sold more than 120 million copies worldwide. A BLEACH anime has been released to date, along with four animated feature films and more than 40 soundtrack volumes. In addition, multiple novels, video games, musicals, art books, and data books have also been released based on fan interest.

“Bleach: Immortal Soul offers rich RPG storytelling following the adventures of Ichigo mixed with strategic, turn-based team combat,” said Ivy Lin, CMO of Oasis Games. “Players will remember why they fell in love with the franchise as they enter an authentic world to battle Hollows alongside all the characters they know.”

Bleach: Immortal Soul creates a riveting team combat experience through epic Bankai techniques and full screen effects, immersing players in action-packed animated battles and in-game cutscenes. Players can choose a hands-off approach for easier fights while carefully making critical team selection and strategic attack choices to turn the tide against tough opponents. It’s not just stats and equipment—team composition, the order of attack, and the accuracy of landing combos can swing the tide in a challenging battle.

Players can unlock Toshiro Hitsugaya, Rukia Kuchiki, and other memorable characters through Story missions, recruitments, and other daily actions. Players must strategically build their teams and hone their skills and equipment to strengthen their power. Players can join or form Squads with other Soul Reapers to battle powerful bosses together, make new friends, challenge other players to asynchronous combat, and claim additional rewards by leveling up their Squad’s ranking and power.

Bleach Immortal Soul - Gameplay Screen 2

Game Features

  • Authentic Storyline: Officially licensed by the Bleach Animation Production Committee, the game features the BLEACH story and characters, driven by player actions
  • Strategic Character-Based Team RPG: Manage all the characters you love in turn-based battles with depth and strategy
  • Anime World: The BLEACH world comes to life with rich, anime-style graphics
  • Build Your Team: Collect all the characters and strengthen your team by leveling up, training, and upgrading equipment—and then deploying and using characters to their greatest strengths
  • Multiple Modes: Play through Story mode, battle individual characters in Elite mode to unlock rewards, complete daily Seireitei Challenge battle tiers, and asynchronously challenge teams from other players in the Battle Arena—every mode gives you more ways to upgrade your team

Prepare to lose your soul to the exciting and challenging new world of Bleach: Immortal Soul!

Bleach: Immortal Soul is co-developed by Oasis Games and GREE and published by Oasis Games on Google Play and the App Store in Western countries as a free download with optional in-game purchases.

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