Blue Archive’s Latest Update: A Culinary Clash and New Faces!

Dragon & Tortoise Event Stirs Up Excitement with New Characters Rumi & Mina

Epic Culinary Showdown in Blue Archive’s Newest Update

Dishing Out the Details: The mobile RPG sensation, Blue Archive, is serving up a fresh event, “Dragon & Tortoise: Working Together for a Better Future.” Players are whisked away to Shanhaijing Academy, where culinary chaos reigns supreme. It’s up to Sensei, the game’s central figure, to simmer down the fiery feud between the Black Tortoise Promenade and Genryumon clubs. This storyline isn’t just a flash in the pan – it’s a full-blown gourmet battle, with stakes as high as a soufflé!

New Kids on the Block: Rumi and Mina Bring the Heat

Turning up the heat, Blue Archive introduces two explosive new students. First, meet Rumi, an Explosive-type Striker who’s not just about packing a punch. Her EX skill dishes out a healing portion of fried rice, spreading the love to four additional squad members. Then there’s Mina, another Explosive-type Striker, whose EX Skill delivers a devastating blow to enemies, seasoning them with decreased ATK, Evasion, and Accuracy for a spicy 50 seconds. These new faces are set to stir the pot in the world of Kivotos.

More Than Just a Pinch of Content

But wait, there’s more! Alongside the gourmet gala, players can sink their teeth into the 23rd Chapter of the main Missions, spiced up with related side quests. Gear up with three new T8 gears, giving your arsenal a flavorful upgrade. And for the cherry on top, the Double Rewards Campaign lets players double-dip in Bounty, Commission, and Lesson content rewards until Dec. 18. That’s a sweet deal you wouldn’t want to miss.

Taste the Adventure

Blue Archive’s “Dragon & Tortoise: Working Together for a Better Future” event is more than just a culinary escapade – it’s a feast for the senses. With new characters, challenging missions, and delectable rewards, this update is sure to satisfy the hunger of RPG enthusiasts and casual gamers alike. So, grab your virtual aprons and dive into the flavorful world of Kivotos – where adventure and gastronomy collide!

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Platforms: iOS, Android

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