Builders of Greece: Prologue Now Live on Steam — Get Your City-Builder Skills on Point!

Warsaw-based Blum Entertainment hits us with some hype-worthy news. Gamers, pull up your strategy caps; Builders of Greece: Prologue has officially landed on Steam. This ain’t no small feat; it’s the last significant stepping stone before the full-blown game rolls out. Plus, a recent Playtest had over 10,000 global players flexing their city-management muscles.

Dive Into History with Free Access

Right now, if historical city-building tickles your fancy, you’re in for a treat. Builders of Greece: Prologue is up for grabs, free of charge. No gimmicks, no hidden charges—just pure unadulterated strategic goodness. Think you can run an ancient city like a boss? Time to prove it!

What’s Under the Hood?

Let’s talk gameplay. The Prologue’s got a narrative-driven scenario that’s all about getting you cozy with the game’s core mechanics and management systems. It’s like a taste-tester but for gaming. A teaser that aims to whet your appetite for the full version.

Master the Golden Age

This is where the challenge meets the charm. Get absorbed into a world reminiscent of the golden age of Hellenic city-states. You ain’t just building blocks; you’re crafting history. Raise awe-inspiring structures and tackle some serious world-altering decisions. Transform your Polis into the talk of the ancient world.

Features Unleashed

In case you’re wondering, here’s the feature breakdown:

  • Dozens of Varied Buildings: Say bye to monotony; there’s a lot to build.
  • Detailed Management System: You’re the decision-maker; make it count.
  • Random Events & Weather Conditions: Mother Nature and Fate join the game.
  • Trading, Politics, and War: Because ancient cities aren’t run on bread alone.
  • Old-school Meets Modern: Classic city-builder vibes but with that 21st-century zing.

The Verdict

So, you get to practice your city management skills and learn the game mechanics without dropping a dime. Builders of Greece: Prologue gives you a sneak peek into what the full version promises. Ready to take the ancient world by storm? Grab this Prologue and start building your legacy.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows



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