Bulletstorm VR Blasts into the Future: Trishka Novak Joins the Fray in Two Exclusive Levels

Elite Assassin Trishka Novak Takes Center Stage in the Newest VR Adventure

People Can Fly Elevates VR Gaming

People Can Fly, the wizards behind the legendary Bulletstorm series, just dropped a bombshell at the UploadVR Showcase. They unveiled a trailer that’s got the gaming world buzzing – two brand spanking new levels in the Bulletstorm universe, exclusively for VR platforms. And guess who’s joining the party? None other than the elite space mercenary, Trishka Novak.

Bulletstorm VR: A New Dimension of Mayhem

Mark your calendars, gamers, because January 18 is when the action hits PlayStation VR2, Meta Quest Platform, and Steam VR. Bulletstorm VR isn’t just a rehash; it’s a ground-up reimagining of the 2011 sci-fi first-person shooter, tailor-made for VR. Get ready to dive headfirst into a world where every bullet counts and every explosion is a work of art.

Trishka Novak: A New Playable Powerhouse

Crashlanding onto an abandoned resort planet, players will now have the chance to step into the boots of Trishka Novak, a no-nonsense badass on a quest for revenge. She’s not just any character – she’s an elite assassin with a vendetta and the skills to back it up. In Bulletstorm VR, Trishka brings her own brand of justice, complete with a new Energy Blades weapon that’s all about decapitating and dismembering enemies. This is not just a game; it’s a space mercenary’s playground.

A Whole New Level of Chaos

Bulletstorm VR is upping the ante with content never seen before in the original game. These new levels are not just about adding more gameplay; they’re about elevating the entire Bulletstorm experience. From battling raiders to facing off against colossal beasts, this VR rendition promises an explosive and dynamic sci-fi arsenal like no other.

Bulletstorm VR is setting the stage for a new era of VR gaming, where immersion meets action-packed gameplay. With Trishka Novak at the helm, these new levels are sure to redefine what it means to be a badass in virtual reality. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to step into the future of gaming.

Platforms: Meta Quest 2, SteamVR, PlayStation VR2

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