Cartel Tycoon Drops “San Rafaela” DLC, Expanding Empire to New Waters

Moon Moose, the brains behind Cartel Tycoon, teams up with tinyBuild to dish out the “San Rafaela” DLC. Now available on PC platforms like Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG, this DLC doesn’t just tweak a few things—it revamps your whole criminal empire.

A Whole New World of Narco-Trade

San Rafaela ain’t your run-of-the-mill update. We’re talking 12 spanking new regions that are double the size of the base game. Yep, get lost in rainforests and chill next to dormant volcanoes while scheming your next big move.

Gameplay Overhaul

For those looking to build a narco-empire, new gameplay systems have been put in place. And, guess what? Old faces and new blood are joining the scene to either help you rise to the top or make your life miserable.

Politics in Paradise

In the high-stakes world of San Rafaela, dialogue choices aren’t just fluff. Who you align with or burn could determine whether you’re the boss or just another foot soldier. This city’s got politics woven into its DNA, making every choice a game-changer.

Smuggling Gets Wet

Forget about traditional trade routes; San Rafaela brings in a maze of waterways. Use these to ferry kilos of the good stuff under the radar. And speaking of ferry, Ferry Boats are the latest hot ticket to avoid those prying rival gang eyes.

Rise Through the Ranks

Aim for nothing less than Kingpin status and take a seat in the Oval—well, in this case, the President’s seat. Control the chessboard: buy out cops, deal with mayors, and turn your criminal fantasy into a real empire.

A Never-Ending Empire

The game’s Creative Director, Leonid Gorbachov, promises Cartel Tycoon won’t stop here. The aim is to offer an unending experience that’ll keep even the most seasoned drug lords hooked. San Rafaela packs everything from sun-kissed streets to stories steeped in survival, power, and betrayal.

Get Yours Now

The “San Rafaela” DLC for Cartel Tycoon is up for grabs on Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG at a price point of USD $14.99.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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