CCP Games Drops EVE Galaxy Conquest: The 4X Strategy Showdown on Mobile

Hold onto your controllers, gamers! CCP Games has just lifted the fog of war on EVE Galaxy Conquest, a 4X strategy game tailored for the mobile gaming arena. Unveiled during the EVE Fanfest Keynote, this free-to-play title is the handiwork of CCP Shanghai and set to soft launch on both iOS and Android platforms in Q4 2023. Mark your calendars for a full global release in 2024.

Mobile Gaming Meets New Eden

For those ready to deep dive into the New Eden universe, this isn’t just a mobile adaptation; it’s a full-on transformation. EVE Galaxy Conquest takes the best elements from EVE Online and morphs them into 4X strategy gameplay. From player-vs-player (PvP) battles to resource management, every touch and tap on your mobile screen is a command for interstellar domination.

Choose Your Empire, Plan Your Tactics

Whether you swear allegiance to the Caldari State, Gallente Federation, Amarr Empire, or Minmatar Republic, the choice is yours. But choose wisely; your chosen empire will dictate your armada and strategic options. As in classic EVE Online style, your decisions in EVE Galaxy Conquest have consequences that ripple across the cosmos.

Gameplay Deep Dive

Engage in 4X gameplay—explore, exploit, expand, exterminate—to reach the pinnacle of cosmic conquest. This isn’t just about PvP; it’s about setting your goals, establishing diplomatic relations, and executing shared objectives with your team. Flexibility and strategy are your co-pilots here, and with the iconic ships and characters from EVE, you’ll have all the tools you need to seize the galaxy.

What the Devs Are Saying

Michael Lee, Brand Director at CCP Shanghai, pointed out that the game isn’t just an adaptation but a “compelling 4X strategy game.” Meanwhile, Bing Xi, General Manager and Executive Producer at CCP Shanghai, expressed that this game has been a “labor of love” aimed at delivering an experience that resonates with both EVE veterans and 4X strategy newbies.

Pre-Register Now

Got your hype thrusters on max? You can pre-register and keep your scanners tuned to all things EVE Galaxy Conquest at their official website.

Platforms: iOS, Android

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