Check Out This Diablo IV Inarius 26in Premium Statue

From the Burning Hells to our world, Blizzard Entertainment has announced a new premium replica statue of the renegade archangel Inarius from the upcoming Diablo IV.

The Diablo IV Inarius 26in Premium Statue is available for pre-order on the Blizzard Gear Store. The statue captures Inarius’ resilience in the face of eternal damnation in the Burning Hells.

Diablo IV is the next-gen action RPG experience with endless evil to slaughter, countless abilities to master, nightmarish Dungeons, and legendary loot – available June 6th, 2023. Diablo IV will be in Open Beta March 24th – 26th, providing players with a necessary soul cleanse before the game’s full launch. Pre-purchase and get Early Access March 17th – 19th!

Sanctuary seekers looking to avoid the Eternal Conflict can gear up for Diablo IV’s upcoming beta access with the Diablo IV Inarius 26in Premium Statue and other collectibles on the Blizzard Gear Store, such as:

  • Diablo IV Inarius Collector’s Edition Pin
  • Diablo IV Inarius Jacket
  • Diablo: Tales From the Horadric Library (A Short Story Collection)

Diablo IV Inarius 26in Premium Statue (Details)

Just as the blood-soaked curtain fell to signify the Sin War’s conclusion, Mephisto struck a deal to take Inarius as his prisoner, relegating Inarius, one of Sanctuary’s creators, to eternal torment in the Burning Hells for all of eternity. By way of a miracle, Inarius escaped the Hells and returned to the world he helped found: Sanctuary. Now, the rumored return of Lilith, the Daughter of Hatred, to Sanctuary concerns Inarius, who has vowed to defend his creation at all costs. After many years apart, the two will once again cross paths, and what was built is now at risk of destruction.

  • Fabrication: 80% Polyresin & 20% PVC
  • Product Dimensions: 22.5 x 8 x 26 in
  • Product Weight: 19 lbs
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