Claws Out: ‘Fight Crab 2’ Makes a Splash in Early Access This February

Get Ready to Shell Shock in Fight Crab 2's Early Access Launch and Steam Next Fest Demo

[Ready, Set, Crab!]

Crab combat redefined! Fight Crab 2, the sequel to the legendary physics-based brawler, is gearing up to hit Early Access on Steam for PC. Mark your calendars, gamers – the crustacean showdown begins Tuesday, February 13th, 2024.

[Demo Delight at Steam Next Fest]

Can’t wait? Get a taste of the crab-tastic action early! A demo drops during Steam Next Fest, starting February 5th, 2024. This sneak-peek lets you experience the career mode, plus online co-op and versus battles. Catch this limited-time event and prepare to fight claw and shell!

[A Battle of Claws and Gladiators]

In Fight Crab 2, indestructible crabs and armor-clad human gladiators unite for the ultimate combat sport. Expect live commentary broadcasting that brings the battle to life. Select your crustacean champion and dive into destructible arenas, fighting to be crowned the king crab.

[Weaponized Shell Warfare]

Arm your crab with over 90 dual-wield weapons. From swords and shields to beam sabers and yo-yos, customize your crab’s fighting style. Ride vehicles like motorcycles for strategic positioning and flip foes to claim victory.

[Arena Antics and Gimmicks]

The battlegrounds? Desert landscapes, villages, ancient structures, and even basketball courts. Each stage packs its own surprises – dodge moving trains, explore hidden areas, and utilize level-specific items to gain the upper hand.

[Crab Career Mode]

Rise through the ranks in Career mode. Train your crab, enhance its attributes, and conquer Event Battles. Face off against evil crabs, monsters, and rogue farm tractors, climbing to the top of the Crab League.

[Skills and Spells]

Unlock 40 different skills and master unique battle stances. Damage boosts your Crab Gauge – fill it to unleash assist animals, weapons, and long-range laser beams.

[Online Battle Royale]

Take the fight online! Engage in casual or ranked matches, set up public or private rooms, and enjoy 5-player waiting support.

Fight Crab 2 launches in Early Access on Steam, available in Japanese, English, and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional). Get ready to pinch your way to victory this February 13th, 2024!

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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