Co-Op Building Bliss: Go-Go Town! Invites Gamers to Construct Dream Towns in 2024 Playtest

Australian Devs Roll Out the Red Carpet for Upcoming Go-Go Town! Playtest

“The Ultimate Town Building Experience Awaits in Go-Go Town!”

At Wholesome Snack, the gaming world got a sneak peek of Go-Go Town!, a new town building, social and life simulation game. Set to hit PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC in 2024, this game is all about crafting, planning, and prospering.

“From Bustling Hub to Mayor’s Challenge: The Go-Go Town! Journey”

Once a thriving tourist hotspot, Go-Go Town! now needs your help. Players are thrust into the role of Mayor, tasked with revitalizing this once-vibrant location. It’s all about teamwork here, with friends joining in to bring back the glory days.

“What’s in Store for Players?”

In the Go-Go Town! playtest, gamers can expect a buffet of activities:

  1. Town Management: Juggle happiness, commerce, transport, and construction.
  2. Building From Scratch: Get hands-on with chainsaws and drills for material collection.
  3. Retail Ventures: Create and staff chic shops.
  4. Economic Mastery: Make crucial business decisions for shop income and supply chains.
  5. Stylish Transport: Experiment with go-karts and skateboards.
  6. Community Building: Convert tourists into townsfolk.

“The Brains Behind the Game”

Brisbane’s Prideful Sloth, stacked with AAA industry vets, including a former Activision producer and a Rocksteady Technical Artist and Engineer, are the masterminds behind Go-Go Town!

Heading: “Looking Ahead: What 2024 Brings for Go-Go Town!”

With the 2024 launch, players can anticipate:

  • Diverse establishments like dance clubs and arcades.
  • Varied income streams including mining, fishing, and livestock.
  • Town automation with shopkeepers and artisans.
  • Town transformation through terraforming and road construction.
  • Continuous town expansion and upgrades.

“Join the Playtest and Shape Go-Go Town!’s Future”

Signing up for the playtest now means staying in the loop with all the exciting developments in this charming town creation simulator.

“Mark Your Calendars: Go-Go Town!’s Co-Op Playtest Drops in February 2024”

Get ready to build, plan, and prosper in Go-Go Town!’s couch co-op playtest. The adventure begins in February 2024. Don’t miss out!

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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