Dive Deep into the Ocean of Warfare with UBOAT: The Silent Wolf!

Set Sail for Adventure on November 30 on Meta Quest Store

Aye Aye, Captain: UBOAT: The Silent Wolf Launches Soon!

Mark your calendars, sea dogs and gaming aficionados! The highly anticipated release of UBOAT: The Silent Wolf is set to make waves in the gaming world on November 30, 2023, exclusively on the Meta Quest Store. This announcement comes as a rallying call for all virtual submariners to gear up for a gripping underwater adventure.

Pre-Order Now: Dive in at a Discount!

For those eager to plunge into action, there’s a sweet deal waiting. UBOAT: The Silent Wolf is currently available for pre-order at a promotional price of just $17.99. Don’t miss this chance to save some doubloons, as the price will rise to $19.99 post-launch. It’s an opportunity not just to save, but to be among the first to chart these thrilling waters.

The Silent Wolf: A Hybrid Gaming Experience

UBOAT: The Silent Wolf isn’t your average nautical adventure. This game uniquely combines narrative-driven gameplay with a realistic submarine simulation, set against the backdrop of World War II. Players can expect an immersive experience that tests their strategic prowess and decision-making skills, where every choice can have far-reaching consequences.

Modes of Play: Solo or Squad, Your Choice

Whether you fancy a solo voyage or teaming up with mates, UBOAT: The Silent Wolf has you covered. The single-player story campaign offers a deep-sea solo adventure, while the multiplayer cooperation mode lets you join forces with fellow submariners. And if free exploration is your thing, the free roam mode offers an open world rich with maritime challenges.

Early Access Opportunity

Can’t wait till November 30? There’s a chance to get an early taste of this maritime saga. Early access keys are up for grabs through Keymailer and Woowit, offering a sneak peek into the world of UBOAT: The Silent Wolf.

Embark on a journey of perilous missions, naval warfare, and critical decision-making with UBOAT: The Silent Wolf. This is more than just a game; it’s a test of nerve and strategy under the deep blue sea. The countdown to November 30 begins now!

Platform: Microsoft Windows, Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro

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