Embark on an Intergalactic Adventure in Astronimo on September 27th

Thunderful and Coatsink are set to launch their cosmic platforming journey, Astronimo, in Early Access on September 27th. The newly released Astronimo trailer, which premiered at Future Game Show, sparks players’ curiosity by showcasing a glimpse of the creative opportunities that await them in the game. Gamers can now wishlist Astronimo on Steam.

Explore the Solar System with Friends in Astronimo

Astronimo provides a cooperative construction platform puzzler experience that takes players and up to three friends, through local or online multiplayer support, to a vast solar system. The game comes packed with extensive creation tools combined with advanced physics, enabling dynamic interactions with created objects. The objective is to devise innovative solutions to overcome the challenges faced and figure out ways to get back home together. Whether it’s starting dance parties or forming a band, Astronimo emphasizes fun and shared memories.

Stranded on a Distant Planet: A Quest for Home

The storyline of Astronimo unfolds with four Hypergiant Inc employees who crash-land on an unknown planet, finding themselves stranded. To reconnect with their fleet, players will need to employ their imagination to solve puzzles inventively, construct rockets to visit different planets, and gather enough antimatter to power a portal back to their home.

Expand Your Universe with Astronimo’s Customization Tools

Astronimo elevates platforming and customization into the interstellar realm through its eccentric and enjoyable campaign. Players can navigate a whole galaxy featuring three complete planets with over 20 hours of content. Early Access will start with one planet and three mini moons to uncover, followed by new celestial bodies added via updates until the full release.

The World Editor in Astronimo further pushes the boundaries of creativity, offering tools for building challenges, crafting cutscenes, or even constructing and adorning whole planets. Once the masterpiece is complete, it can be shared on Steam Workshop for the Astronimo community to explore.

A New Trailer and Exciting Times Ahead for Astronimo

Jimmy Whitemore, Lead Programmer at Coatsink, expressed the team’s excitement, stating that they are thrilled to provide players a closer look at Astronimo through the new trailer. The anticipation for entering Early Access on September 27th is palpable, and the team is eager to witness the amazing contraptions and worlds that players will create.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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