Epic New Trailer Drops for Gangs of Sherwood Ahead of Launch

Live-Action Meets Gameplay in a Stunning Musical Teaser

The Reveal of the Season

In a thrilling lead-up to the much-anticipated release of Gangs of Sherwood this Thursday, 30 November, gaming enthusiasts are treated to an extraordinary new trailer. This latest teaser, a blend of live-action and in-game sequences, is set to revolutionize expectations.

Alan-A-Dale Takes Center Stage

Venturing into the heart of Gangs of Sherwood, the trailer introduces the minstrel Alan-A-Dale, who brings the story and characters to life through his melodious narration. This unique approach combines storytelling and gameplay, immersing players in the legendary world of Robin Hood and his Merry Men.

Behind the Scenes with the Creators

Andrea Di Stefano, the Game Director at Appeal Studios, and Maxime Prevosteau, Product Manager at NACON, share insights into the creative process behind this groundbreaking trailer.

The Significance of Alan-A-Dale

Andrea Di Stefano highlights Alan-A-Dale’s critical role in the legend, emphasizing his contribution as a narrator. His portrayal in Gangs of Sherwood goes beyond traditional storytelling, incorporating humorous puppet shows to illustrate the adventures and opposition to Sheriff Nottingham’s rule.

Inspirational Melody

Maxime Prevosteau reveals the creative inspiration for the trailer’s captivating song, drawing from various sources, including classic Disney animations and modern masterpieces like The Witcher. This medley of influences culminates in an unforgettable medieval tune.

Casting Lenny Mark Irons

Further adding to the trailer’s allure, Lenny Mark Irons, celebrated for his vocal talents, not only voices Alan-A-Dale in the game but also portrays him in the trailer. This synergy between voice and character enhances the overall experience of the game’s narrative.

Gangs of Sherwood is poised to take the gaming world by storm with its innovative blend of live-action and gameplay, enriched by a musical narrative that promises to leave players enchanted and eager for more. Stay tuned for the game’s launch this Thursday and experience the legend like never before!

Gangs of Sherwood: A Musical Journey Through a Sci-Fantasy Robin Hood Universe

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft Windows

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