Epos H3 Hybrid Gaming Headset Out Now

H3 Hybrid Gaming Headset Launch Today, PRO Version Coming Soon

Gaming audio brand EPOS just launched its H3 Hybrid gaming headset today, with the PRO version just around the corner.

Building upon its popular H3 headset, the H3 Hybrid boasts multiple connectivity options (Bluetooth and wired), long-lasting battery life, a detachable boom arm, and much more. It’s also compatible with PC, Mac, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles making this a seriously awesome gaming headset.

H3 Hybrid gaming headset is available now for $179 USD.

Following the critical success of the recently released H3 wired closed acoustic headset, the EPOS H3 Hybrid launches today, boasting multiple connectivity options, a removable boom arm, simultaneous Bluetooth for audio mixing, and a long-lasting battery for on-the-go Bluetooth audio – unlocking the Power of Audio anywhere. The H3 Hybrid is compatible with PC, Mac, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Bluetooth-compatible devices.

The H3 Hybrid brings true-to-life gaming audio and user versatility together. The H3 Hybrid is crafted with renowned EPOS engineering and high-quality gaming audio, achieving acoustic clarity and deep bass with exchangeable USB and 3.5 mm console cables. The headset is available in Onyx Black and Ghost White colorways.

The H3 Hybrid provides up to 37 hours of Bluetooth audio, offers multiplatform compatibility, and is equipped with simultaneous Bluetooth connection, dual microphones, EPOS Gaming Suite compatibility, and a detachable boom arm for next-level gaming.

For gamers looking to take their play to the next level, the H3 Hybrid offers an array of features to unlock the Power of Audio, including:

  • Long-Lasting Battery Life with Bluetooth – A single charge provides up to 37 hours of Bluetooth audio and up to 24 hours when playing on a 3.5 mm console cable connection. Dual connectivity (3.5 mm cable and Bluetooth) provides up to 19 hours of play.
  • Simultaneous Bluetooth Connection for Audio Mixing – When paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth, simultaneous connectivity allows players to chat with friends using their favorite third-party app while gaming on their preferred platform via USB or 3.5 mm cable. Separate intuitive volume control enables players to balance each audio stream.
  • Convenient Magnetic Detachable Boom Arm – Gamers can easily detach and reattach the microphone with a magnetic connection in the boom arm. When the boom arm is removed, a cover plate protects the connectors and keeps the H3 Hybrid’s sleek, seamless look.
  • Dual Microphones – The H3 Hybrid includes a secondary microphone in the ear cup that allows gamers to pick up calls when wearing the headset on the go without the main boom arm microphone attached to the headset.
  • Multiple Connection Options – The H3 Hybrid allows for multiple connection options with an included USB cable for PC, 3.5 mm cables for consoles, and Bluetooth for mobile devices
  • EPOS Gaming Suite – When connected to a PC through USB, players can download the EPOS Gaming Suite to unlock 7.1 surround sound and tailor audio and microphone preferences
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