EVE Online Drops Phase Four of Project Discovery: Next Stop, Cancer Research and Mobile App

CCP Games, teaming up with Massively Multiplayer Online Science (MMOS), unveiled Phase Four of Project Discovery during the 2023 EVE Fanfest keynote. Expanding from COVID-19 studies, this phase dives into immune system diseases, including cancer. Also dropping: Play Science, a companion mobile app for gamers who want to keep the science grind going on-the-go.

Data Unleashed: Community Resource Unveiled

CCP and MMOS aren’t just keeping this goldmine to themselves. They’re dropping Project Discovery’s latest dataset for public use, inviting researchers to churn out algorithms and push scientific breakthroughs. Expected launch year for Project Discovery Phase Four and the Play Science mobile app? 2024.

A Step Further in Gaming for Good

EVE Online’s Creative Director, Bergur Finnbogason, remarked that Phase Four sets gamers up for even more meaningful contributions to the scientific world. The EVE Online community’s past efforts in Project Discovery have proven that gaming can indeed be a force for good.

MMOS Joins the Quest: A New Level for Citizen Science

Attila Szantner, CEO and Co-Founder of MMOS, highlighted the potential of the Play Science mobile app. It meets the EVE community’s call for a mobile Project Discovery version and broadens the scope of scientific research opportunities. With this tool, user engagement in citizen science is about to take a quantum leap.

The Freedom to Create: Open Data Milestone

Jerome Waldispuhl, Associate Professor of Computer Science at McGill University, celebrated the unrestricted data sharing as a core pillar of their work. It paves the way for worldwide researchers to explore and innovate.

Unlocking the Power of Flow Cytometry

Ryan Brinkman, VP & Research Director at Dotmatics Inc., pointed out that Project Discovery has untapped the full potential of flow cytometry research. The initiative identifies complex patterns in cell behavior, broadening the scientific horizons.

Gaming Stats: Project Discovery By the Numbers

  • Over 700,000 EVE Online gamers took part in Project Discovery’s COVID-19 program.
  • The program recorded more than 380 million citizen science games.
  • Almost a third (27%) of the examined data met the scientific standard for fields like flow cytometry.
  • By 2021, Project Discovery had clocked in over 330 years’ worth of COVID-19 research.

Dive Into the Cell Tracing Mini-Game

Players keen to get their science on can access Project Discovery via the Neocom menu in EVE Online. Dr. Andrea Cossarizza will roll out the welcome mat, introducing gamers to the cell tracing mini-game and detailed in-game tutorials.

Ready to level up your real-world impact, Capsuleers? Keep those eyes peeled for Project Discovery Phase Four and the Play Science mobile app launching in 2024.

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