Evil never sleeps, so grab Counter Terrorist Agency immediately on Steam and try to save millions of lives before it’s too late.

You’re the one pulling the strings of the Counter Terrorist Agency. Your top priority is to save the lives of innocent people. Or, more realistically, to save as many of them as possible. Monitor terrorist organizations and determine their level of threat based on collected data. Observe suspects, track their routes, seize their correspondence, and question them to acquire enough knowledge to prevent horrifying attacks. The fragile existence of millions is in your hands now. Make difficult decisions, sometimes immoral, other times on the verge of legality. Work to build your reputation, but keep in mind that lives are at stake, not just the stars on the wall. You are the first and last line of defense against the terrifying consequences of terrorism. Be hard, swift, and effective, as mistakes are not easily forgiven.

Are you up to the task? Buy the game on Steam and put an end to terrorism. The game is 20% off for a limited time. Also, all 911 Operator owners are now able to purchase the game for 15% less than the standard price. These offers can be combined together.

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