Exoborne: Mastering the Apocalypse One Shot at a Time

Sharkmob Unleashes Tactical Chaos in a Post-Apocalyptic World

Enter the World of Exoborne

Sharkmob, in partnership with Level Infinite, has dropped a bombshell at The Game Awards with the announcement of their latest endeavor, Exoborne. This tactical open world extraction shooter is not just a game; it’s an adrenaline-pumping journey into a world torn asunder by apocalyptic forces. Developed for both PC and consoles, Exoborne invites players to navigate through a dystopian landscape where danger and chaos reign supreme.

A Glimpse into the Future

The unveiling of Exoborne was accompanied by a CGI trailer, setting the stage for this high-octane adventure. Petter Mannerfelt, the Creative Director at Sharkmob, expressed his enthusiasm about finally bringing this vision to life.

“Exoborne is more than just a game to us,” he stated, underscoring the passion and anticipation behind this project. Sharkmob’s CEO, Fredrik Rundqvist, added that Exoborne marks a milestone for the studio, being one of two major original game concepts currently in the works.

A World Ripped Apart

In Exoborne, players find themselves in a fragment of the southeastern United States, now a battleground for survival against nature’s wrath. The collapse of humanity’s last hope, Project Rebirth, has left the world a hostile shell of its former self. Every session in Exoborne is a new narrative, with players facing public events, unpredictable environmental threats, and high-stakes missions. Imagine being caught in an epic gunfight amidst a raging tornado – that’s Exoborne.

Survive with Exo-Rigs

Players step into the shoes of the Reborn, survivors equipped with implants that allow them to harness the formidable power of Exo-Rigs. These advanced technological marvels are key to thriving in a land overrun by warring factions and elemental chaos. The Exo-Rigs not only enhance combat and movement but also empower players to bend the savage forces of nature to their will.

Risk Versus Reward

Exoborne’s world is a treasure trove of high-tech remnants waiting to be discovered, particularly in the heart of the storm. Players must weigh the risks of venturing into perilous zones against the potential rewards of securing top-tier technology. Crafting and customizing gear with found technology is crucial for tackling new challenges and surviving the constant threat of losing everything.

A New Frontier of Tactical Gameplay

Exoborne is more than just a shooter; it’s a tactical playground where forces of nature and technology collide. The game features dynamic public events, a variety of missions, and extraction gameplay that heightens the thrill of each session. With an evolving story and regular live-ops updates, Exoborne promises to be a premium gaming experience, continually offering new mysteries and content for players to explore.

About Exoborne

Get ready to gear up, dive in, and fight for survival in Exoborne, a game where the apocalypse is just the beginning. With a world that’s constantly reshaped by elemental chaos, players can utilize the Exo-Rigs to turn the tide in their favor. In this twisted, upside-down world, verticality, crafting, and customization play a pivotal role in survival. Choose your challenge, face the forces of nature, and write your own story in the world of Exoborne.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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